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Welcome to the nonpartisan Pinellas ar sahib.tvr Guide! This overview will assist you prepare come Her is her voice, and also we want to help you to usage it.

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Scroll down to watch what’s top top the ballot, uncover candidate info and also view ours candidate forums!

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Municipal basic Election: November 2, 2021sahib.tvr it is registered Deadline: October 4, 2021Mail Ballots will start being mailed out by: September 30, 2021Deadline to request a ballot it is in mailed to you: October 23, 2021Deadline to return her completed letter ballot: November 2, 2021There is no at an early stage Voting for this election.

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What’s ~ above The Ballot

Our local, nonpartisan election overview for the November 2021 Municipal basic Election is powered by The overview will it is in LIVE by the moment you get your letter ballot.

Here’s what’s on the ballot in November 2021:

Mayor that St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg City council Members for Districts 1, 2, 4, 6 & 87 proposed Amendments to the St. Petersburg City Charter

We asked neighborhood partners what local problems they wanted to listen about. Enter your info below to read candidates’ responses, see evaluation of ballot issues, and build a personalized sample ballot.

Prefer a can be downloaded PDF? Here’s what the candidates said throughout the major Election (responses for the general Election will certainly be posted when the overview goes live): City the supervisory board Candidates | market Candidates | Report of the St. Petersburg Charter review Commission


Enter your attend to here and then click “Explore Now” to view candidate responses and ballot info:

(We require your deal with because ballots space precinct-specific.)


Candidate Forums

One the the League’s signature tasks is our candidate forums. This forums provide sahib.tvrs a possibility to hear directly from the candidates themselves. No spin, no marketing, no slick proclaiming – simply the candidates speaking directly to the sahib.tvrs.

Candidate Forums: Municipal basic Election

More details coming soon. Watch the Candidate forums from the primary Election on our YouTube Channel (link below).

To view the recorded candidate forums, you re welcome click right here to visit our YouTube Channel.

Organizations that room interested in co-hosting a candidate forum, please email united state or contact first Vice President and also sahib.tvr solutions Co-Chair Robin Davidov.

sahib.tvr Resources

We get it: voting can be confusing. These resources will help make it simpler to navigate the process and make sure your counts. No finding what friend need? email us! we are below to help.

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Find straightforward explainers around voting and also the voting process on our her, your Voice Blog!

A note about Voting by mail in the November 2021 Municipal basic Election: mental to sign your ballot envelope carefully! your ballot envelope is postage-paid, therefore no rubber stamp is needed. Be sure to mail it 2-3 weeks before Election job so the it arrives on time. If you favor to drop your ballot off, you can do for this reason at any one that the three Supervisor of vote offices during opening hours, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. Come 5:00 p.m. And also on choice Day 7:00 a.m. Come 7:00 p.m. (these room the just drop-boxes because that this election):

501 first Ave N in St Petersburg315 Court St in Clearwater13001 Starkey roadway in Largo

Curious to view what candidates have actually run in ahead elections and also how lock answered our questions? Click here to view our save on computer of past election guides and also previous choice results.