Some people must live in good spaces whereby the skies goes ~ above forever. Where everyone must bend to the land.

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Officially recognized aboriginal American tribes and reservations:Blackfeet Tribe, Blackfeet ReservationChippewa Cree Tribe, Rocky Boy’s ReservationConfederated Salish and also Kootenai Tribes, Flathead ReservationCrow Tribe, crow ReservationFort Belknap Tribes, ft Belknap ReservationFort Peck Tribes, ft Peck ReservationLittle covering Chippewa TribeNorthern Cheyenne Tribe, northern Cheyenne Reservation


Lydia’s Supper Club

4915 Harrison Ave, Butte, MT 59701406-494-2000What Bourdain ate: Pickled beets, sweet potato salad, salami and cheese, next salad, pickled peppers, breadsticks, huge scallops in white wine sauce, extra special tenderloin that beef

Silver disagreement Saloon

133 S key St, Butte, MT 59701406-782-7367What Bourdain had: Drinks.

The Mint

102 N key St, Livingston, MT 59047406-222-1095What Bourdain had: Drinks.


Uses for Montana’s public open up spaces: hardwood harvesting, cattle grazing, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Mining.

This is the see generations that dreamers, despots, adventurers, explorers, crackpots, and heroes fought and died for.

Kennard real Bird: Raises equines for rodeo.

David McCumber: Author and also journalist.

Dan Bailey: Montana representative because that Pheasants Forever, an organization working to maintain pheasants and also other wildlife.

Joe Rogan: Stand-up comedian, podcast superstar, previous martial artist, cannabis advocate, Bourdain buddy.

Jim Harrison: Lion of American literature, recognized for his ferocious prose and his ravenous appetite.

Aaron Parrett: Professor of literature and also chronicler that Butte’s vibrant literary history.

Amanda Curtis: previous State Congresswoman and labor rights advocate.

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