Todd (aka Dr. Todd) was on tour v Sublime v Rome ~ above a tour bus watching Disney’s Princess and the Frog through Bud Gaugh. He turned to Bud and said, “Wouldn’t that be an excellent to produce killer music geared in the direction of families? other our children could dig currently rather than later?” A dad of three, Bud automatically said yes and once Todd obtained of tour they set about assembling the finest singers, songwriters and also musicians he might find. Thus, to be born the baddest family rock band on the planet — Jelly that the Month Club.

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The band plays a insanity entertaining and eclectic mix of rich genres aimed to inspire the creative tastes of children and also parents alike. Their original songs difficulty developing minds to absorb a diversity of music instrumentation, melody, and style if digesting taciturn and humorous stories, educational messages, and strong universal values.

Jelly is around to release their second album and also for the past four years they’ve played everywhere from hospital rooms to outdoor festivals. Currently, Jelly will play a series of shows at Knott’s Berry farm yard in Buena Park as a part of Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. Jelly will certainly be jamming alongside Charlie Brown and also the Peanuts corridor every weekend throughout the month of February.

Great, therefore let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been straightforward path overall and if not, what were the difficulties you’ve had to overcome?Jelly that the Month Club’s biggest difficulty is finding sufficient time to meet the incredible demand for top quality family-friendly live music in our schools and communities. The vacuum is primarily developed by the absence of resources for the arts, the enhanced demands that standardized trial and error in ours classrooms, and also the fierce competition because that time in between our children’s school and sleep. Follow me the way, Jelly learned how to adapt to ours live present to any crowd are now simply as comfortable ~ above a festival phase as we are in a kindergarten classroom.

Jelly the the Month club – what need to we know? What execute you males do best? What to adjust you apart from the competition?Jelly the the Month society does no “baby down” their music – instead, castle want children to get down to their music. The pedigree of the tape boasts accomplished singers, songwriters and also musicians from several of the optimal musical acts come come out of southerly California, consisting of Sublime. This is a fun family members band and also club the inspires eras 1-100 come celebrate timeless American musical traditions with jaw-dropping live shows that are entertaining, interactive and also educational. Favor Bugs Bunny and also the Muppet Show, Jelly of the Month Club follows highbrow musical options using a multiplicity of genres.

Jelly the the Month society is a band committed to offer others and has won-over fans from music festivals come hospital rooms. Highlights include performing because that patients in ~ CHOC and Miller children’s Hospitals, win “Best in Show” for 2 holiday city-wide parades, play the Music Tastes an excellent Festival and also having the songs “Brand new Friend”, “English Language”, “Lemonade Standoff” and “Gone Squatchin"” debut on youngsters Place Live XM radio. In your spare time, Jelly is liven visiting dozens of schools for their classroom music series, offering blacktop concert for institution carnivals, elevating money for inner-city music education and learning programs, caroling v Girl Scouts for Veterans and packing the Anaheim home of Blues v over 500 screaming kids.

Members the Jelly the the Month Club are rock monsters the hail indigenous a deep musical forest and are: Dr. Todd Forman (horns and also keys because that Sublime and Sublime with Rome), Michael De La Torre (lead singer and guitarist for the funk rock band Zen Robbi); and Chris Caplan (lead singer, guitarist and also multi-instrumentalist for his own alternative rock group, Mr. Crumb). We add professional Jelly members for our live shows, consisting of Scott Wittenberg top top drums and James Kee ~ above bass. Jelly of the Month club will proceed to play for venues the give families an opportunity to laugh, dance, have fun, and enjoy great music. Please sign up with us!

What moment in her career perform you look back most fondly on?Jelly the the Month Club set out to compose a tune to break the “Curse that the Cubs” in 2016. Due to the fact that the song was so well received, the band was summoned come Chicago’s most famed sports bar, take care of Caray’s, because that a rally during the 2016 Playoffs. Jelly finished up singing words “Cubs” over 5000 times in one morning. Indeed, our song, “Cubs, Cubs, Cubs” did rest “The Curse” bringing a World collection Championship come the North side of Chicago for the first time in 108 years.

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