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Just close her eyesThe sun is walking downYou"ll it is in alrightNo one have the right to hurt friend nowCome morning lightYou and I"ll it is in safe and soundMaybe it"s just the means we wereMaybe it"s simply the method I amMaybe it"s that feeling every time I acquired to host your handI recognize that"s cheesy, but I just want you to understandThe memories space there also if you forgot exactly how we dancedHurt feelings, numb nights, you know it"s all the sameIf love"s an unlimited battleWhy"d we play it choose a game?It takes two to play, so just how am i to blame?I offered you everything, and all girlfriend did to be fade awayYou want love, you provided me hurtAnd the hurt more to do it workYou were a thing in mine life, i was a line in yoursWe went through hell and back, just for you to obtain me backAnd after all of that, take a glance on whereby that left us atSo go ahead, ~ do so the remainder of her lifeHide behind every one of your makeup v those heels too tightWhen you establish what you want is buried deep insideI"ll look deep right into your eyes and say we"ll be alrightJust close your eyesThe sunlight is walk downYou"ll be alrightNo one have the right to hurt girlfriend nowCome morning lightYou and I"ll it is in safe and soundWhen we split I virtually lost itHeld ours picture, dropped itTears ns couldn"t protect against itWe"re the epitome of toxicLike the harms not enough?Don"t phone call me the things that girlfriend missedWhy you keep saying "loved" once you don"t understand what the is?But, honestly, you"re an addiction the no rehab deserve to fixAnd come be genuine I have actually no clue of what all of this is"Cause one moment I"m done, then ns don"t know how to native it"Cause what"s damaged can it is in fixed, but what"s resolved isn"t worth itSo i guess this is that minute where ns say the goodbyeMaybe it"s no the happy endings yet the way that us triedNot the drowned of the lies however the factors we liedThe unique moments whereby we observed that love in every others eyesBut walk ahead, ~ do so what we had wasn"t realThat these other guys can understand the way that you feelWhen you realize what you desire is hidden deep insideI"ll look deep into your eyesAnd speak you"ll be alrightJust close your eyesThe sun is walk downYou"ll be alrightNo one have the right to hurt friend nowCome morning lightYou and also I"ll be safe and soundDon"t you challenge look out your windowDarling, everything"s top top fireThe war external our door keeps raging onHold on come this lullabyEven as soon as music"s gone...Gone...