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"It to be At This minute He Knew that Fucked Up" is a catchphrase often featured in FAIL video clip for humourous effect. In the videos, the clip pauses in a black and white freeze framework just before something walk painfully awry, with the voiceover narrator carrying the line with a slow and also deep voice. Due to the fact that emerging ~ above Vine in 2013, it has acquired notoriety as a popular audio exploitable provided in various parody videos.

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On September 14th, 2013, Viner McCully Quinn<1> post a short clip title "Jonathan fucked up" featuring footage of a young male trying to slide on a ramp v a scooter. As soon as he is around to fall down, the clip cuts to a black-and-white freeze frame while Quinn utters the line "It was at this minute that Jonathan knew the fucked up," shortly before resuming to show the final impact. As of January 2017, it collected to end 1,600 loops and also 1,900 likes top top the site.

While not being an instant viral success by any kind of means, Quinn continued to develop parodies with the very same formula, using various random name such together "William" (shown below, left) and also "Daniel" (shown below, right). Castle soon became a lasting series on Vine and Quinn"s signature joke.


On YouTube, Quinn reuploaded most of his parodies beginning on October 23th, 2013<2>. Together of January 2017, the channel gathered end 80 parodies, v the compilations that its finest Vine videos acquiring over 1.8 million loops (shown below, left), 1.3 million loops (shown below, middle) and 100,000 loops (shown below, right) views, respectively.

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On January 11th, 2014, YouTuber Random--〉What´s next? uploaded a compilation of segments taken from miscellaneous movies in i m sorry a protagonist it s okay pwned (shown below, left), making use of the exact same audio and freeze structure format. It has actually gathered over 300,000 views over the following three years. Over two years later, on July 31st, 2016, YouTuber The genuine Neal posted another compilation, this time v anime personalities (shown below, right), accumulating over 17,000 see in the next six months.