"If over there is no opponent within, the enemy external can do us no harm.

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" - African Proverb 

This is what my organization consultant, Tim Long, signs off v at the finish of each of his emails. Each time I check out it, i think around how wonderful the saying yes, really is together it uses to the opponent lurking inside of our minds and also our hearts.

Look in ~ fear and also any fears that might sabotage her actions or beliefs. The voice the says’ Don’t walk in that ocean due to the fact that of that terrible sting beam bite you had actually 5 year ago” That are afraid is mine. Yet each year I confront that fear and decide the jumping in the inviting s with all of its heal properties and energy is worth much more than the fear of a sting ray. The fear does deprive me of several of the enjoyment I can be having actually until I acquire to a location of relaxing and being in the moment rather of that experience of years ago. That are afraid becomes my adversary within me and also then the plays the end so the the outside human being looks harmful to me.

With ours COVID situation, the threats are real. Therefore is the vessel to uncover a way to live a life that is full and meaningful. Our lives have actually changed, again the is real. Adjust is a component of our person existence. Our difficulty is to uncover deeper meaning and fertile use of this time of the COVID virus. Taking time come explore any dissatisfaction v ourselves, along with uncovering any type of unnecessary fears, beliefs, relationships, expectations or even feelings that guilt the haunt us. This is just how we clear the end the adversary within. Judgements, objections of ourselves and others create an inner foe that wins and we lose. That stops united state from being ourselves come the fullest level of our abilities.

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Visualize a complete “YOU” with freedom to speak your reality which is a provided right, ns believe and freedom to produce the life the fits you. What would certainly you perform or say the you room not act today? would you be living wherein you live? would you be through the world you room with? would certainly you it is in doing the daily things you space doing today? If the price is “No” climate this is your time to number out what you would certainly be act differently and also make a meeting to do the vital changes.

This time come reflect is necessary and needed for our people to survive. Find your own personal truth through meditation, prayer, journaling or talk to a trusted friend or therapist. Acknowledge your fact with your words and also actions and also become the best and also most authentic variation of yourself. Discover the enemies within. Be grateful for your messages and please do not overlook their voices. Destruction deeper and discover the actual you and come forward together the friend – you started out to it is in at your birth. Difficulty accepted!!


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