In The Fugitive, as soon as Kimble confronts Deputy U.S. Marshall Gerard in the drain tunnel, he says:

“I didn"t death my wife.”

Then Gerard says:

“I don"t care!”

Why walk he say that? that sounds favor a ruthless thing to say to an innocent man.

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That the line sounds awful is the beauty, beauty of it; Gerard isn"t pertained to at all through guilt or innocence because that isn"t his job. To Gerard, a judge and jury determines guilt, when his purpose is to do nothing an ext than track under Kimble and also bring him in. This line also makes the finishing sequence (where Gerard discovers the truth and also tells Kimble that he trust him) the much an ext powerful ... Someone that didn"t treatment has come to care around Kimble"s innocence as soon as no one else would.

As a side note, this heat was reportedly (according to one of the producers) claimed to be "that"s not my problem," yet actor Tommy Lee Jones ad-libbed and produced the top "I don"t care."

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The TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) is the Gerard slips, falls, loses his gun, loses his radio and is now dealing with down Kimble—a fugitive indigenous the regulation he is charged with capturing—that now has actually his gun and is pointing it at him. Gerard is cornered and also doesn’t want anything to escalate.

While I usually agree through jlmcdonald’s answer, over there is something yes, really pragmatic around that line. Simply think around that scene again via the script uncovered here; just note Gerard’s line adjusted in filming together jlmcdonald’s price points out.


Gerard begins the tricky descent. Slips once. Recovers. Slips again…

…and tumbles out of control. GUN and RADIO CLATTER AWAY.

Scrabbling for purchase, he ultimately snags an overhead pipe. Gerard stabilizes. Sweeps his irradiate to situate his Glock, lie down-tunnel. He eases toward it. But one more hand it s okay there first.

It"s Kimble. Face dark and also desperate. Dangerous. Hand flexing on the pistol. Castle lock eyes for a beat.


I didn"t kill my wife.


So, you didn"t death your wife.

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Here, look at the complete scene again. You can say him speak what he stated is “cold” however to Gerard the just thing he knows at that specific moment is that a fugitive indigenous the legislation now has his gun and is pointing it in ~ him. He is trying to be cool, calm, built up and de-escalate what is already a tense case as ideal as the can.