It’s unlike any other Wednesday night. I should be in ~ home, studying for an exam I have actually in 2 days, I assumed to myself. A few songs performed by a lineup artist later, ns quickly adjusted this thought: this is exactly where I’m an alleged to be tonight.

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“And she gon’ shiver it, choose a red nose, li-li-li-li-like a red nose,” Sage the Gemini sang together the fog device made the hardly feasible to watch Sage also with the glowing strobe lighting focused on him.

On Wednesday, Jan. 18, Sage the Gemini appeared at the Crocodile in Seattle. This to be the first time he to be touring for himself, rather than together an opener for one more artist. His many recent song, “Now and also Later” deserve to be attributed come this.

A hit-single “Red Nose,” exit on might 19, 2012, got to numbers 14 and also 10 on warm R&B and Hip-Hop Songs. The YouTube video for this song, exit June 10, 2013, hit 93,445,141 views.

The meaning being the song, “Red Nose” resolved in the music video. Through red nose, he means like a red nose pit-bull dog, which appear in the video. After the dog it s okay wet, the dog shakes. So, Sage is direct when he claims that she going to shake it like a “red nose.”

From the reflects I’ve to be to, i m sorry to be fair, have actually been a handful, Sage the Gemini has been the most active with the audience. As those in attendance extended their eight as much as possible trying to record a photo of Sage with their phones, myself included, Sage would grab a phone and also record himself on their Snapchat accounts. This is as soon as I began to feel the push behind me. ~ the very first time he did this, numerous others make the efforts to placed their phones out together close come him together they could, again, myself included. V the zero happy I have he never determined my phone however hey, he determined the one alongside mine.

A few songs after appearing on stage, Sage the Gemini take it his shirt off, threw it to who in the audience and also began singing, “Don’t You,” from his album, “Remember Me.”

This slow-paced song permitted him to gradually move his hand under to unbuckle his belt, “Yeah she bad and also you know it don’t you.”

The room acquired hot as one of his pan standing alongside me intentionally wet her lips to gain Sage’s attention. It worked. Sage pointed her out and also licked his lips. Everyone standing ~ above the floor rather than on the balcony was under the period 21.

In 2014, Sage put together his an initial album, “Remember Me.” aside from, “Red Nose,” this album produced another song that easily hit the charts, “Gas Pedal.”

The crowd was jumping come his single, “Now and also Later,” which showed up on Oct. 14, 2016. The music video clip pertaining come the song appeared on YouTube ~ above Dec. 13, 2016.

“I can be a lifesaver, treat me like a jawbreaker, you acquired 31 flavors, baby,” Sage and also the audience sings. “You can get this now and also later, now and also later.”

The song was motivated by a Now and also Later candy, which he to be eating at a time he had actually not had actually one in a while. It’s an alleged to be composed for a crush, a beautiful girl he’s come across. This was his way of creating her a love letter.

The upcoming album “Bachelor Party,” i beg your pardon this track belongs to, is come be exit this year on Feb. 13. His own labels, “Global Gemini” and also “Atlantic Records” will be publication it. A couple of other tracks confirmed to be in this album are, “Hands,” “It Ain’t my Fault” and “Hot Coffee,” featuring Chippass.

At the show, Sage covered a couple of songs from other artists, consisting of Omarion’s “Post to Be,” permitting the audience to song Jhene Aiko’s “but he gotta eat the booty prefer groceries” part. From how loud the audience was, I’m sure everyone knew the lyrics.

The lineup come this show contained Derek King, who collection the mood for the remainder of the show. Among his singles, “Jump,” functions Sage the Gemini. Later on in the show, King came back out to the stage to execute it v Sage. A Disk-Jockey present at the show surprised me together he play the tune “Gasonlina” by dad Yankee.

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As the closed the show, the audience asked for more, but he declined and simply thanked Seattle for hosting him.