Over 14 million human being know that Markiplier is. Perform you know him? PROVE IT! take it this quiz and find out exactly how much girlfriend know about our friend, hero, and the other fifty percent of septiplier.

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Over 14 million world know who Markiplier is. Do you know him? PROVE IT! take this quiz and find out just how much friend know about our friend, hero, and also the other fifty percent of septiplier. ;)

Created by: markiplier

What is Marks complete name? Jason mark Squirrelbach mark Iplier note Edward Fischbach note Edwards FischbachWhen was mark born? July 30 1989 June 28 1989 march 4 1989 December 25 1989What is mark the king of? The world The Internet five Nights in ~ Freddys YouTubeWhere was mark born? top top a watercraft off the coast of California In a manger on Christmas night In a hospital in Honolulu ~ above a aircraft over KoreaWhat is Marks favorite color? Pink Blue Red eco-friendly Purple WhiteHow old is Mark? 0 12 84 27 WHERES THE BLACKSMITH?Who is Marks best Youtuber friend? Bob wade Jack HimselfWhere did mark start YouTube? Honolulu Hawii Los Angeles Caliornia Cincinnati Ohio The phibìc PoleWhat was the first game note played ~ above his channel HAPPY wheel Slime Rancher Subnautica Amnesia A Dark DescentHow much do girlfriend love Mark? A small A dislike that asshat with all my love Why would certainly I love him ns dont even like him? As lot as Jack loves that (SEPTIPLIER AWAY!)

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Quiz topic: how well perform I know Markiplier?

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