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You have the right to use every component of the coconut to eat and drink and consume it fresh or use it to prepare your meals. Sometimes, you might wonder walk coconut walk bad and also how lengthy does coconut last since it is tricky to evaluate its condition without opening it. Let’s see.

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Does Coconut walk Bad?

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Coconut is a drupe that matures ~ above a tree for virtually a year. On average, it travels for around two months from the minute of choose to the keep where girlfriend buy it. It generally depends ~ above the part of the earth where girlfriend live. That means it is quite ripe once you buy it.

Unfortunately, coconut have the right to go negative over time, relying on how you save it till use. The an excellent thing is that it commonly takes a long time before it becomes unusable, and also you need to throw it away.

How lengthy Does Coconut Last?

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As ns have currently mentioned, the unopened coconut you buy is no fresh since it have the right to take weeks or month before arriving in stores. Therefore, its shelf life counts on the initial freshness. You can store the whole coconut for a best of 4 months at room temperature in many cases.

Keep in mental that indicators of degeneration may show up much earlier, even after a week. As soon as you open it, you need to automatically use the meat and also store the leftovers in the fridge. The way, you deserve to keep the fresh coconut because that 6 to 8 months in your fridge container.

How long Does Coconut last (Chart)


Whole freshUp to 4 months2 come 3 months

6 come 8 months

Whole packed

6 come 12 months6 to 12 months6 come 8 months
Cut freshSeveral hours1 week

6 to 8 months

Cut dried

4 to 6 months6 come 8 months6 come 8 months
Homemade toasted2 to 3 months2 come 3 months

6 come 8 months

On the other hand, packed, dried, or box coconut deserve to last much longer. You can keep the pack coconut in her pantry because that 6 to 12 months, while coconut oil is safe to usage for years.

3 advice to tell if Coconut has actually Gone Bad

In many cases, that is challenging to check out visually whether a coconut is unable to do bad. Girlfriend can examine the surface ar for cracks, crevices, and also alcohol odor and also determine the moisture level or mold presence. The finest three ways to inspect the coconut condition are:

Hear the splash

The more mature the coconut, the less water there is in it. As a result, the coconut will contain much more meat than the fluid over time. To check its status, you should take your fruit in hand and shake it.

If you deserve to barely hear the liquid, friend should most likely open and also consume the as quickly as possible if the meat is tho in an excellent condition. Plus, the coconut water is lighter than its meat. If coconut appears to have obtained a little heavier, the is most likely overripe.

Check the coconut eyes

The coconut has three feet arranged in the shape of a triangle, and also they space often referred to as eyes. One of the surest methods to know that something is wrong through coconut is to inspect them.

If moisture, mold, or fluid leaks top top the eyes, it method that the coconut has spoiled. Such fruit is no recommended for usage as it deserve to lead to bacterial infection or digestive problems.

Open the coconut

Finally, the color, smell, and taste the the coconut inside are definite indicators if that is edible. If you notification a strange odor, the meat discoloration, or changes in texture, throw the coconut in the trash. You don’t desire to threat food poisoning, after ~ all.

Consumption of spoiled coconut milk and meat won’t it is in pleasant also if lock don’t cause you any type of digestive problems. If the coconut has changed color and also smell, the food girlfriend prepare through it won’t taste right.

3 advice to save Coconut because that Longer

If you don’t arrangement to usage the whole coconut the day you buy it, you need to setup where to store it. Whether you pick the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer, there are several ways to save coconut new longer.

Keep in mind that you have a limited time to use the whole coconut also though it is possible to keep it on a shelf in your pantry for a while. Unfortunately, even though it have the right to seemingly it is in in perfect condition, there is a huge chance of rotting inside as soon as you store it also long.

In together a case, that won’t be much longer eatable. Therefore, the best option is come buy the coconut the work you desire to consume it and store leftovers till the next opportunity.

1. Toast the coconut

Toasted coconut flakes space an indispensable ingredient in plenty of dessert recipes. Plus, the a great way to save even the smallest pieces of coconut meat you have actually left.

It doesn’t take much effort or time to prepare homemade toasted flakes. Every you have to do is grind the coconut meat pieces, put them in the oven, and also occasionally stir.

You can additionally use the stovetop or microwave instead of the oven if you like that way. It only takes a few minutes come prepare, depending upon how crispy you desire the flakes to be.

Once the toasted coconut flakes cool off, you have to put lock in a jug or plastic container. Your shelf life is 2 to 3 months in a pantry. If you want to extend that period, it is far better to put the flakes in a freezer.

2. Make a coconut milk

Once opened the coconut, you can use it soon or keep meat chunks in a refrigerator. However, it deserve to be convenient and practical to make homemade coconut milk or cream.

The recipe is simple. Include the cleaned meat chunks in a blender and add the coconut water. If you have a tires coconut with small water, add a cup the tap water instead. Turn the blender to the fastest mode and also blend the content for about 60 seconds. As soon as finishing the process, pour the milk right into a glass bottle.

If friend want, you deserve to experiment and include a small vanilla extract, cinnamon, or some various other sweet spice to the mixture. Homemade coconut milk have the right to be refrigerated for 3 to 4 days.

3. Save the chunks in a freezer

If girlfriend don’t desire to do coconut milk or flakes, you constantly have the choice to keep pieces that meat in the freezer. It is feasible to save leftover coconut that you don’t intend to use quickly for around 6 come 8 months in the freezer.

Open the plastic box, arrange the chopped coconut flesh and also sprinkle it v a couple of teaspoons the sugar. After all, you can constantly defrost the coconut and also use it to prepare the milk or grate that afterward.

However, that is not wise to defrost the in the microwave since it will release too much liquid. Instead, take the box out of the freezer the night before you require it and also let that thaw gradually at room temperature.

The threat if spend an Expired Coconut

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Coconut doesn’t have actually an expiration date per se. That method there is no specific date as soon as you need to throw the away. Still, consuming the spoiled and rotten coconut meat have the right to lead to stomach ache, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Always look for any type of cracks top top the overripe coconut since they can cause meat bacter infection. If friend eat spoiled fruit, girlfriend can challenge severe health conditions caused by a few potentially attention bacteria, consisting of salmonella, Escherichia coli, and also Klebsiella.

Can You frozen Coconut?

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Not only is it feasible to frozen coconut, yet it is a useful solution to keep it much much longer than in a pantry or refrigerator. Coconut can stand in the freezer for 6 to 8 months. Some women favor freezing whole pieces if others instead shred them on a hand grater.

Whichever way you choose, there space two methods to frozen coconut. You can include some sugar to meat chunks or soak lock in coconut milk prior to freezing them.

Also, you have the right to use both plastic containers and zip bags for storing the coconut in the freezer. However, don’t forget the frozen pieces can broaden from the initial size so, nothing overfill the container.

If you usage freezer bags, that is an ext practical come grate the coconut. Place the bag on a flat surface and also fill that evenly. When you to fill 2/3 the it, expel all the overabundance air and also close it. That is critical to compose the day on the bag once you put it in the freezer to usage it within six months.


There are only a couple of parts of the world where it is feasible to buy fresh coconut, harvested that day or week. Unfortunately, coconut you can discover in a save is a few weeks old when you purchase it.

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Even despite you have the right to keep it in her pantry for a while, the is much better to prepare the immediately and also keep the leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer.