You deserve to Respec, or reset and also customize your character and party members in Divinity: original Sin 2 by using the Magic Mirror. There is a magic mirror found on your ship, the Lady Vengeance. Together of the gift bag #2 update from Larian Studios there was is one more magic mirror to it is in found listed below the kitchen in the fort Joy arena, at the start of the game.

How to usage the Magic Mirror

Using the Magic winter in Divinity initial Sin 2 to respec your character is nice straightforward. When you have found a mirror and also decided which personality you room going come change, simply pick the character and click ~ above the mirror making use of the left mouse button. Additionally use the ideal click and also select, ‘Use’ from the menu.

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Once you’ve reached the customization menu, do the transforms you wish and select the accept switch at the bottom of the display to save your changes.

Where to respec her character in Divinity: original Sin 2

There are 2 places where you can uncover the magic winter item in Divinity original Sin 2. We will certainly talk around how to obtain to both the these places in the video game including where they deserve to be uncovered on the map. Among the locations is in the basic game and also apart from just progressing v the game to unlock it, you won’t need to do noþeles else. The 2nd magic winter you will have actually to permit in the pause food selection of the game.

Magic Mirror place 1: board the Lady Vengeance

Once you acquire to a particular point in the story the the game you will uncover yourself aboard the ship, the Lady Vengeance. In the base game this used to it is in the just magic mirror ar in the game.The magic mirror is located listed below deck top top the bottom story the the ship. Head all the means down the stairs as much as you deserve to go and you will find the magic mirror situated on the bottom level ~ above the earlier of the staircase.

Magic Mirror location 2: inside the ft Joy Arena

To discover this magic mirror you will very first have to allow it in the settings menu. To have this winter avaliable in the game to change your an abilities follow this guide below. Step 1: open up the pause menu using the ESC key. When you space in the stop menu choose the option Gift Bag Features.

Once you’ve opened this increase you will view a list of complimentary DLC and addons that space made through the developers of the game. These went together with continual updates come bring an ext content come the game and also to adjust how few of the mechanics work. When you space in the Gift Bag food selection scroll down until you discover the ‘Fort joy Magic Mirror’ item.

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Make certain to activate this item and see if there are any other addons you great to enable as well. Once you have enabled the fort Joy Magic mirror head come the kitchen area of ft Joy. Once you have actually talked to the best NPC girlfriend will be able to use the tiny hatch in the kitchen that will certainly lead you down to the arena. As soon as girlfriend go down the hatch turn to the right and also the Magic Mirror need to be there in the corner. It is rather dark and also blends right into the wall surface so save your eyes peeled.

Those room the 2 magic mirror locations in Divinity: initial Sin 2. Possibly you do a mistake and no longer want a pyro magic build and also want to change into a tank instead. Now that you’ve made your way to a magic mirror you deserve to respec every one of your characters to your heart’s desire. Making use of the magic mirror is completely free and there is no limit to the quantity of times the you deserve to respec. So shot out a couple of different builds and have fun playing Divinity: original Sin 2!Related: 6 gamings like Kenshi on heavy steam | harvest Organs in Rimworld
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