A Google search offers varying answers. Many say is is not possible and others say there space online resources that may transform a .PUB come a PDF.

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This one seems to it is in the many popular. I have actually not do the efforts it and also have no idea if the works.

I still run MS Publisher under Parallels desktop computer on one on mine iMacs.

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I have actually just found http://www.zamzar.com

Everyone top top the net appears fixated with converting the .pub come .pdf. But this option enables you to convert .pub come .doc. And .docx. Which is far more handy if you want to edit or job-related with the document!

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The zamzar site converted my .pub file to Word, but all the table borders and pictures to be converted to one solved overlay, so the wasn"t much use. It also dropped spaces and readjusted a couple of letters.

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Thanks Shamus71. This site did specifically what it stated it to be going come do and converted the .pub paper to a .pdf.

Thanks because that the link.

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I had actually a Publisher document that ns needed and the Zamzar connect worked perfectly!! thanks Shamus71!! ns converted the pub paper to PDF there is no issue. I additionally printed it out and also it published beautifully together if I had actually done it all myself. Awesome!!