This article will define the process of do your steam Profile completely Public so that you can attach it to

Are you unable to attach your vapor account to follow these 5 steps to do it Public, after you"ve excellent these transforms it deserve to take 5-10 minutes till you space able to connect your vapor account come

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Go to your vapor Profile

Go come your heavy steam Profile by clicking her Username at the height of the Steam interface.


Click the modify Profile button

The Edit Profile switch is situated on the ideal side of your heavy steam Profile, just listed below your vapor Level.


Go to mine Privacy Settings

My Privacy setups is located in the menu on the appropriate side the your modify Profile page, it"s located below My Profile.


Change her privacy settings

You can readjust settings for video game details, girlfriend List, perform and adjust what kind of users room able to discuss your profile.Make sure all of them are set to Public and not Private no one Friends Only as the last two options will avoid you indigenous connecting your heavy steam Account to her account.


Set all options to Public

When friend have set all your options to Public it have to look together on the example image below.

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Make sure the checker box at constantly keep my total playtime private also if users can see my game details and always keep my heavy steam Gifts private even if users can see my inventory are unchecked. If these space checked, you will not have the ability to link your steam account come

After this, you room good come go! 

Make sure to contact us in the support Chat if you conference any extr issues.