I have actually received the 24 slot bag from very early quest about lvl 10.Are there various other quests the reward bags? Is it possible to acquisition bags? to loot native a monster or chest?


There are a few quests that"ll offer you bags: http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter#/discussion/517007/bag-quests yet they"re no particularly huge nor an especially abundant.

Apart from that, the only methods to get bags are either v the Zen store or the Auction House.

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Also, take keep in mind the Bag that Holes that you deserve to purchase is a "gag" item and doesn"t allow you to store even a solitary item in it.



The last (3rd) bag you acquire from a quest is in Neverdeath. It originates from Chettlebell and involves act the clock dungeon place. In order for that quest chain to popular music up, though, you need to do the search from the Doomguide that requires killing Bone Porters. After that, brand-new quests will show up with Chettlebell and Harper Windle.

Good luck.


You deserve to buy bags in the Auction residence (AH), however they are so expensive no one have the right to afford them early in the game.


You deserve to purchase 24 slot bags with Zen in the Zen industry for real money, or by converting astral diamonds come Zen.

Tristopher Chettlebell in Neverdeath gives eventually a quest referred to as Clockwork Guild tomb what gives a 12 slot bag

There is an additional bag available.On the optimal of the UI is one Icon referred to as Plus it"s significant as a Flag,

Then a food selection opens dubbed "Chronicles that the knife Coast."

There"s a search Line referred to as "Order of the 3rd Eye" indigenous NPC Sybella (Protectors Enclave).

If you end up this Questline you get a 12 Slot Bag "Bestickter nimmervoller Beutel" (I don"t recognize what it"s referred to as in English).

That makes three bags native questlines. So through the beginning inventory Bag (some people count that as a cost-free Bag too) it must be 4 Bags.

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