With the advancement of technology, new updates are released everyday for Windows. Sometimes, these updates cause problems and you are unable to open GD on windows 10. If you are facing a green screen problem whenever you open a geometry dash. Don’t worry! You are at the right place.

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We have tried many ways to fix the geometry dash without an opening problem. Some of them failed and some worked well. However, we are sharing the best methods for how to fix geometry dash not opening windows 10?


1. Clean Reinstall

It is the most common and general method and works for almost all the problems. In this method, you just have to clean reinstall the geometry dash app. Yes, you read the right that you have to reinstall the whole game and its files.

If you are using an android emulator, uninstall the game from the ‘My games’ tab in the emulator. Reinstall GD again and check whether the issue has been fixed or not. If it is not fixed, reinstall the android emulator too and then repeat the installation process. Remember, always reset your Laptop or PC whenever you perform any change.

2. Verify GD Game Files

Its also the most basic method. If your Geometry dash game is not working, try to verify all the game files first by If you are using steam, go to the properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache. It will check all the corrupted files and will show you if there is a problem.

Furthermore, if you are using any Android emulator, you can check the game files in two ways. Try to install that file in your mobile phone first and secondly the emulator will also show error if any of the files are corrupted.

3. Check if GD is Disabled by Windows Defender

In this method, you have to check your default windows defender or any other third party Antivirus software settings whether the files are blocked or not. Go to your windows defender or antivirus settings and enable the geometry dash from there. It will start working afterwards.

4. Check your Laptop/PC Compatibility

It is an ordinary thing that sometimes games are not compatible with our PC specifications. Secondly, the third party android emulator also creates issues because of compatibility with your Laptop or PC.

Make sure you have the PC whose specifications are according to the emulator’s to game requirements and then enjoy the geometry dash on it.

5. Update Driver Software

Sometimes the old version of installed drivers creates problems with the visuals of Geometry Dash in windows10. So, validate that all the basic drivers such as graphics, PCI, Monitor are up to date.

Ask or Share Your Tips

All the above mentioned methods work for most of the Geometry Dash opening issue but it can be possible that none of these work for you. There are many reasons behind this and hopefully, you are aware of them.

If you have any method that is not mentioned here, kindly share it in the comments to help others. Also, if your issue is not resolved yet you can ask in the comment box. We would try to fix that for you.

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