You’ve just obtained home v your new-to-you thrifted purse native Thrifty Shopper. You notification little scratches in the faux leather and a few pen clues on the within of the lining: no to fear! There are several an easy techniques and also tricks to gain back leather and also faux-leather. And most that the assets we’ll use in restoring you probably currently have ~ above hand at home!

Pen Marks

Marker and also pen currently are one of the most common “blemishes” come find. Especially inside the a purse! There space several methods to effort to remove pen stains. You may have to use a combination to obtain rid of specifically deep-set pen marks. Check a small area of the mark with her remover of selection before make the efforts on the entire pen mark. Part leathers and also faux-leathers will shed their color/dye once using ink-removers.

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Possible Tools

Hairspray is a great very first choice for removing that pesky pen mark. Spray or a emboldened a q-tip in hairspray till saturated yet work quickly. Attempt to gently dab the ink mark away. Rubbing alcohol can additionally be offered with a q-tip if hairspray does no work.

Dabbing is absolutely your friend once it pertains to stain removal. Rubbing might smear and also transfer the stain more out native the allude you space working on. Making use of a cotton sphere or q-tip to dab functions wonders. Simply keep using brand-new cotton balls and also q-tips every time you see a small ink moved to the cotton ball/tip till you elevator the stain out.

Nail polishing remover and also brake liquid are two various other possibilities to eliminate ink. Although it is in careful since these liquids are quite harsh and also can reason staining.


Removing ink on suede deserve to be a lot of trickier together suede has actually microfibers that often tend to it is in resistant come cleaning. Try gently rubbing an emery board, an extremely fine grit sandpaper, or a dry/barely wet “magic” white sponge to remove the ink stain ~ above suede. Those white “magic” sponges are actually made of micro-abrasers, which job-related to eliminate stains and marks. This “magic” sponges can additionally remove paint/dye/color so use caution and always shot a test spot first!

If the grit of the sandpaper doesn’t take it the squid off your suede item, you deserve to always try a toothbrush dipped in a bit of white vinegar. Make sure you have actually cotton balls handy to dab the stain and vinegar away together you room working.

Scratches, Nicks, and Divots

Permanent markers come in so many shades and sizes this days that it’s basic to color match your item with a scrape in the leather. If it is a tiny scratch and also you aren’t confident in your ability to “color in” the scratch—buy a well line long-term marker in a close shade to the animal leather you space trying to fill in. Execute a check in one area on an inconspicuous spot come make sure your leather or faux-leather carry out not negatively connect with the permanent marker. Friend can also find duct ice cream in a selection of colors and also patterns come patch feet or larger scuff marks.


Leather Conditioner 101


Leather is the normally tanned hide of (typically) a cow and is really porous and also prone to drying out and cracking. Just like putting lotion on your hands in winter, leather purses and also shoes require moisture replenishment from exposure to the elements.

How to Moisturize

Make sure your thrifted leather purse is fairly clean by acquisition a wet cloth and wiping the leather component of the article clean. Climate take a dry rag and also dry the off. A thin layer that Vaseline deserve to work on exceptionally dry and also cracked leather. Large box stores also carry a combination restorer and conditioner the comes as a lotion. Use with a clean rag as soon as a month, or once the leather shows indications of undertake (a dry, virtually ashy look come the leather).

A tiny proper moisturizing go a long means in keeping your leather products looking fresh! constantly make sure to execute a check spot on one inconspicuous area the the leather item you room working on. There are some types of leather and faux leather the cannot it is in leather conditioned. Castle are typically used in wallets and shoes (like nubeck, rawhide, or suede). If your thrifted item come with any tags fastened or sewn right into the item, check to watch if you have the right to use leather cleaner.


About the Author

AD Caroselli is a absent ‘n role flutist v the obtainable Credit tape from Binghamton that loves jazzing increase her format on and also off phase with thrifted vintage finds. Borrowing native the shade palettes, shapes and also styles from every era native the 1920s to the 1990s, AD’s fashion display screens a unique and also eclectic mix that’s fun to rock and easy come wear. She loves incorporate Maxwell the cat, complete pints the IPA, rambling rides along state woodland roads, and of food recycling, reducing and also reusing as a life law.

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