I've been playing in a organization with 4 of my friends. We're in our 4th year and also although I'm having fun on the drive it's acquiring frustrating due to the fact that I keep losing to the very same guy each year in the conference finals or divisional through a FG or less. I've tried an abilities trainer, YouTube videos, and running audibles in exercise mode. But, it's no translating fine to in game. I've tried curls, comebacks, and also out courses to mixed results. TE increase the seam is high risk high reward with either huge catches or tips leading to picks. He's greatly running covering 3 Sky and also Cover 3 Mable. I'm just right here to watch if you men have any kind of plays or audibles that ns could try out. Sorry for the long post. Thank you in advance.

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TL;DR Need assist beating sheathe 3 Sky/Mable.


Got a question, a buddy of mine runs bench and also bench move A many a long with edge strike whats the ideal defence against that?

It's a complete joke that you have the right to (truthfully) to speak this.

You're not wrong. You should be wrong, yet you're not.

Cover 3 with tough flats to prevent the out should have no trouble through bench (CB has corner route as just assignment), yet instead deep zones do nothing in this situation and also it's basic uncontested catch.

The NFL-strategy call vs sheathe 3 are flood, curl/flat, spacing, spot, 4 verticals, stick, drive, shallow cross, fin, dagger, and also more. It's asinine that a designed sheathe 2 beater will certainly easily permit 2 routes to win 2 zones, v one the area ignoring their assignment to cover nothing.

vs covering 3 sky streak the slot wr and out route the external receiver and also then have actually the out route go come the sticks. The streak will stop the violet zone from obtaining underneath the the end route. If that adjusts to this by cloud flatting his purple, the slot streak will be open down the seem right after snap.

vs cover 3 mable verts works well and also flooding the middle of the field with lot of crossers. Mable is designed to cover the sidelines, not the middle.

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also try levels plays. The linebacker usually break turn off on the very first two routes across the middle. My ideal advice to you is to choose your way down the field bit by bit.

Cover 3 skies or sheathe 3 in general I would abuse the level (simple hb's out of the back field) while running a 3 WR set and force my foe to respect the high portion pass play. Additionally what is he running Cover 3 in development wise? Don't forget to run the football if he is only showing 3 DL. Simple curl/flat concepts should job-related as well.

What will end up happening despite is the will probably start shading underneath (i.e. Cover 3 hard), this is as soon as you throw the flag or comeback routes.

I love see my adversary run covering 3 Mable. I instantly start setup up a WR collection with my inside WR running a Wheel v the outside WR running a deep curl, post or slant -- usually this is an auto-touchdown if the within WR recipient has great speed.

i provided to play too lot cover 3. Points i struggled with.

deep middle articles from TE ~ above left or right side. V a vert ~ above the outside.

TE cutting throughout field and also the WR to run a article to the middle over him.

WRs gift stacked 3 ~ above one side, functions esp well when other next drags or crosses to the stacked side a couple of seconds right into the play.

Also for much less high threat high reward. Space flats covered? when i had actually to run c3 and cover them i would certainly make one olb purp ar a flat instead and user the mlb come cover mid or level on various other side. Abuse flats if friend can. C3 inherently has actually purp zones and also no flats.

also ns 100% certain you have the right to youtube just how to win cover 3 sky/marble for this reason not sure why that didnt help.

Screens out of shotgun can likewise be an extremely effective. If they're in sheathe 3, nobody is in the flats and linebackers struggle to commit. As soon as in a while a nickel corner or linebacker will certainly shoot and get v your blockers...but you usually end up with 2 attack linemen against 3 dbs. Make one miss and it's a td.

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Verticals job-related well too, hit the slot recipient in in between the middle and also outside zone once they acquire released usually 8 or 9 yards down field.

Have either the slot WR or TE run the seam route, with one of your wideouts to run a slant underneath it. It is simple 6-8 yard choose up versus any covering 3 (all you have to do is to win the linebacker/s), so lot so the it will frustrate your foe into changing coverage.

seams, over/under combos, several stuff really...what adjustments is he making? space they soft flats? if so, strike the flat. If they're tough flats, edge routes. Mable defense is very vulnerable to crossing routes.

PA Y traction Wheel gets you at the very least 18 yards if you throw it to the receiver on the crossing route against cover 3.

Verticals v a 2 receiver collection each side. Don't review your receivers, read the one high safety. As shortly as you see him favor or turn his hips come one side of the field, litter it to the upright seam route opposite of that. One of my core plays for damaging cover 3

Another thing you can do is go to practice (I'm assuming this is linked franchise) and also on your offensive gameplay, pick "Attacking cover 3" and also instead the simming the practice, go in and practice the concepts that work against cover 3.

PA WR In - http://maddenfocus.com/play.php?t=25&pid=17857 streak the slot, movement the TE throughout the line and also motion snap to get an extra blocker. Throw to the short article when removes the center of the field.

PA Slot options - http://maddenfocus.com/play.php?t=25&pid=17824 Streak the within receiver top top the short article side, activity the the outside wr ~ above opposite next & hotroute LT/L2. Hotroute right stick Zig the inside receiver on the activity side. Litter to article after it clears the middle.

Edit: speak to these external of 40 yards for this reason you have actually room to gain behind the much side deep zone. These are 1 pat C3 beaters because that TDs.

Looks like you have actually a many of an excellent tips here. Mine 2 cents would be to acquire your dare the ball. Up the seam, overwhelming plays, out courses TE's space a matchup problem especially if lock have any speed. Additionally pitch plays have the right to work on chance as the corners will be bailing at the snap and also usually play off coverage. Last thing is get your speed men the ball in space. So traction routes, crossing routes and stuff prefer that can really piece a covering 3 if you can gain some happen protection. Covering 3 desires to take the large play away so you have to beat the with continuous 4-8 yard plays and stay the end of third and long.

Though if you have some stud WR who has actually really great spectacular record running a shot play through 2 WR's to run verticals up each sideline deserve to work as the deep security will have to pick which one to guard, so friend can acquire 1 ~ above 1 deep.

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Oh and just getting a constant run game in general can occupational wonders together the various other player might start guessing run and blitzing for this reason you deserve to then burn them with play action.