After acquisition a severe nose-dive transparent the 90s, the past 20 years have to be something the a renaissance for men’s style.

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And nowhere is this more evident 보다 in the sharp and also stylish movie and TV characters that have graced our (flatter, thinner and incredibly more hi-def) screens.

Characters like George Clooney’s Danny Ocean, Jon Hamm’s Don Draper, Gabriel Macht’s Harvey Specter and Ryan Gosling’s… uhhhh, whatever-his-name-was-in-Crazy-Stupid-Love (Jacob, ns think?) have given us a whole brand-new generation of style icons.

But even amongst this pantheon of spicy dressed men, Matthew Bomer’s gentleman thief indigenous the USA present White Collar stand apart.

From 2009 to 2014, the Neal Caffrey wardrobe perfect embodied the modern-classic look:

A look at never-ending supply of perfectly reduced suits, spicy skinny ties, timeless casual wear and, the piece de resistance, the patented Neal Caffrey hat.

Of course, as a fictional character top top a B-level network where format is often much more important than the problem of the plot (I’m looking in ~ you, Suits), he additionally had more than his same share that luck.

White Collar accurate asked us to think that Neal just discovered this fit in a closet

I mean, hasn’t every ex con in America had the endure of charming one exorbitantly well-off elderly woman immediately upon gift released native prison?

And exactly how convenient that she simply so wake up to have actually a closet full of her husband’s very stylish old clothes—all of i m sorry fit him prefer a f*cking glove!?!

But i digress.

Regardless of exactly how contrived the plot line approximately Caffrey’s wardrobe was, the garments themselves were certainly sharp as hell.

And happily for those of us who don’t have wealthy benefactors or the skills of a understand thief, his layout can be recreated in the real people without break (or robbing) a bank.

In this write-up I’ll share the essential elements of the Neal Caffrey wardrobe, explain how you have the right to recreate his layout in actual life, and show you wherein to obtain the crucial pieces you’ll need to mimic his modern-classic look.


The Ultimate overview to Neal Caffrey Style

Let’s Find Out how to Dress favor Neal Caffrey By doing a Deep Dive into the Closet the TV’s most Dashing Thief


First Up: The Essential elements of Neal Caffrey Style

The Three item Suit

Number one v a bullet.

Neal didn’t constantly wear a three-piece, however he opted for a waistcoat so frequently that the layout has undoubtedly become his signature look.

Neal typically opted because that dark, classically woman colors choose grey and also navy, but additionally dabbled in brighter shades the blue and even green.

Again i say – based on the in-story explanation, we space meant to think that he found these suits in a closet.

As v so many things about the show’s plot, it’s finest not come think about it.

If you thinking about following Neal’s lead and also picking increase a three-piece for yourself, I very recommend opting because that either marine or a medium grey.

Both are incredibly versatile, deserve to be worn in practically any situation, and also will never go out of style.

Of course, shade is just one consideration. Examine out my post about how to buy your very first suit because that a full break down of the others.

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Below space a couple of sharp, slim-fitting options that absolutely evoke Neal’s dapper look.