Remnant: indigenous The Ashes is likely one the the most inherently replayable Souls-like games on the market, even to this day. This experience, do by Gunfire Games, come out in 2019, yet thanks to services prefer the Xbox video game Pass. Game stations Plus, and even the Epic games Store, still has a pretty active community.

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There space a many things Remnant tries come do differently from other gamings in comparable genres that we wish civilization knew around before walking in, however the most apparent aspect is the replayability. It's apparent at a glance the Remnant to be literally designed for replayability also after friend beat the game.

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But, because that those who simply want to suffer the mainline rigid of Remnant, it actually doesn’t take all as well long. So, let's go over how long that will probably take you come beeline this game, suffer all its next content, or finish it in its entirety.

how Long Is The Campaign?

Remnant indigenous The Ashes - screenshot Of Remnant
Now, who playing just the main project of Remnant and someone do the efforts to suffer 100% the the video game will still likely see all the very same "Realms" of Remnant. The only truly "optional" one is Corsus, and also even then, human being don't commonly realize it's optional till their second playthrough.

that said, over there aren't too numerous steps to the main narrative. To it is in precise, the shortest path includes:

Venturing out right into the post-apocalyptic planet Realm. Rescuing the root Mother. Fighting the earth Realm human being Boss. discovering the Labyrinth and also talking to its keeper exploring Rhom. recognize a method to accessibility the Undying monarchs castle. Fighting a Rhom Dungeon Boss. death the Undying King for his Labyrinth Key. Traversing v Yaesha's civil war, fighting a Dungeon and World Boss along the way. discovering and freeing Ford, the Founder that Ward 13. utilizing the an essential he offers you to operate the mirror in the basement that Ward 13 the takes you to Ward 17. Fighting (and beating) the Dreamer and also Nightmare.

This is the shortest feasible path to “beating” Remnant, and it takes approximately 13-16 hours, give-or-take. while the topic 2923 DLC does continue the story, it's no really one "ending" as much as the end of the fight through Dreamer/Nightmare is, therefore it's not "required" for beating the game.

Remnant indigenous The Ashes - picking A game Mode In The decision Menu
now onto the real "meat and potatoes" that Remnant: native the Ashes, the side content. This video game has together an absurd quantity of potential bosses to fight, Random events to experience, modes to play roughly with, and tilesets that it offers to randomize the Realms. This is every to say that yes, there is fairly a lot of side content to experience, and also it adds a lot to the overall playtime.

for example, if you:

dealt with every Boss readily available in a realm (without re-rolling). competent Rheisum in the subject 2923 DLC. fought Harsgaard In Ward Prime. and played a little bit of the Adventure Mode, survival Mode, the digital Co-Op, or even attempted Hardcore Mode.

with all that, your playtime would certainly jump up rather a bit from 15+ hours to 30+ hours, and also that's not even including all the time it would require to beat these settings or suffer all the potential events.

Remnant native The Ashes - from The Ashes Platinum Trophy Mockup
and also finally, because that a full "completionist" operation that involves:

Clearing every setting out (Survival, Adventure, and Hardcore). Fighting every single Dungeon and also World ceo in each realm by re-rolling (including both DLCs). Earning the rewards from every the possible Random Events. Maxing out all the Traits. Unlocking all the Trophies and also Achievements. acquiring every alternative path or alternative kill on particular Bosses.

your time will jump increase astronomically. The sheer variety of rings to collect, bosses to re-roll the worlds in wishes of encountering, and also Random occasions that can spawn is absurd, therefore if you want to experience quite literally every little thing Remnant has, it can take everywhere from 65+ come 120+ hours on average, which sounds favor both great and bad news because that obsessive completionist gamers.


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