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Plan her road pilgrimage at

View a map v driving directionsusing your wanted map provider:Google Maps,Bing Maps, orMapQuest. You can use to gain the fulldriving distance from Cincinnati to Columbus through directions.

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Driving distance from Cincinnati, five to Columbus, OH

The complete driving distance from Cincinnati, five to Columbus, five is 102 miles or 164 kilometers.

Your trip starts in Cincinnati, Ohio. It end in Columbus, Ohio.

If you room planning a roadway trip,you might additionally want to calculate the total control time native Cincinnati, five to Columbus, OHso you have the right to see as soon as you\"ll come at her destination.

You can additionally calculate the cost of driving native Cincinnati, five to Columbus, OH based on currentlocal fuel prices and also an estimate of her car\"s best gas mileage.

If you\"re meeting a friend, you might be interested in recognize the city the is halfway in between Cincinnati, OH and Columbus, OH.

Planning to paris a aircraft instead?You might be more interested in calculating the right linedistance come fly indigenous Cincinnati, oh to Columbus, OH.

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Coffee lovers going come the Midwest will uncover the best coffee step in Columbus. Sign up with the Columbus Coffee Trail wherein you choose up a card at any kind of of the coffee shops listed, to buy a drink and get your card stamped at four or an ext shops. Redeem her card and also get a cost-free Columbus Coffee T-shirt at endure Columbus’ Arena ar Visitor Center. Check out for much more details.Columbus is kid-friendly. Families traveling with kids will find countless attractions an ideal for kids of all ages. Several of the attractions include Columbus Zoo and also Aquarium, Ohio history Center, Franklin Park Conservatory and also Botanical Gardens and COSI center of Science and Industry.Columbus is for ice cream lover too. One must go location is Graeter’s ice cream Cream opened because 1870. Shot the black raspberry coco chip ice cream, your all time best selling flavor.Another ice cream cream venue is Jeni’s Splendid ice Creams made v superlative ingredients.Columbus is likewise home the The Ohio State university (OSU) and also the Buckeyes. OSU is a research university began in 1870 the very same year together Graeter’s ice Cream.