Could only see the stars if you paid extra, as they were located behind curtains. Disappointed that you had to basically pay twice.
Good buy! But if you get this next year, definitely get there early. We arrived 1.5 hours before the first stage event we wanted to see, and it took an hour and 15 minutes for the line (that was wrapped around the top of the convention center 2.5 times)! But it was a great time to spend looking at people’s awesome cosplay! But got to see Steven Yuen, so it was worth it!!
Love the prices, and the ticket representatives were spot on, they got us checked in fast. The set up of the new venue wasn't so great the queues were awful and it made the other event goers mean and on edge. Once in the event the signs were small and unclear not many people knew what or where things were. It was a good time all in all for being my first experience at this type of gathering.
It was my fiancé and I first time so we didn't know what to expect, we were able to get a picture with Darrel from the walking dead, it was a overall good time!
The event staff were rude and pushy. After spending over $100 on a photo op with my favorite celebrity and patiently waiting almost 2 hours in line for the photo, I was herded through like cattle, given 3-5 seconds with the celebrity, and barked at to get out of the way. I realize it was crowded and they had a job to do, but they didn't fly from out of state and pay money to attend this event, I did, and I was angry at the rushed and insensitive treatment of the event attendees.
I enjoyed the people watching and checking out all the vendors and artists at the various booths. It was also entertaining to watch people interact with the guests, as well as seeing some of the guests walk through the venue. Listening to some of the guests during their time on stage was also fun. The prices to purchase items the guests had for sale and putting up the money to meet and interact with them has become very cost prohibited, though.
It was a Christmas present for my daughter. She is a huge walking dead fan,we did have fun, but much can improved onLines were very disorganized and long. They did not do a good job working the VIP lines and general admin lines in together. Pics and signatures from the cast cost extra from $60 and up for just the signature and some of the cast said no pics at all (after being in line for 5hours).

The annual Walker Stalker Con, created by superfans of The Walking Dead, beckons all lovers of zombie-related entertainment onto the convention floor, where they can meet fellow die-hards and chat up stars of their favorite zombie TV show. Since its inception, Walker Stalker Con has attracted more than 250,000 attendees each year, with visits to cities in four countries.

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Rub elbows with celebrities. Actors and special guests sign autographs and take photos with fans throughout the event.Get answers to burning questions. Q&A panels give fans the opportunity to ask cast members about their characters, as well as unresolved mysteries in the show.Dress to impress. Fans are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite characters, or better yet, in full zombie garb.

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Bring the family. Walker Stalker Con aims to maintain a relaxed environment suitable for all ages.