Known together “the golfer’s equivalent of The aspects of Style” by The brand-new York Times, Harvey Penick’s small Red Book: Lessons and also Teachings native A life time In Golf is exit in its twentieth-anniversary edition, including rare pictures from the Penick household archives.

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Whether you are a beginning of the person or a well-seasoned pro of golf, Harvey Penick’s tiny Red book should be compelled reading for all fans the the game.

Penick started his golf career together a caddie in Austria, Texas, as soon as he to be eight years old. Due to the fact that then, he has actually played v champions for nearly a century. In his book, Penick is sure to leveling the golf jargon for the earliest beginner to obtain insight and wisdom with every significance of the game.

Not only does Harvey Penick’s tiny Red publication beautifully display screen his love the the game, but it additionally shows off Penick’s innate ability for teaching at the exact same time.

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Simon & Schuster
Nov 22, 2011

About the author


Harvey Penick

Harvey Penick stays in Austin, Texas, v his wife Helen. This is his very first book.

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This publication will increase your knowledge and feel because that the game. Can"t speak enough good things around it. Also when I hate the game, I"ll sit down and reread a chapter and also find myself booking my next tee time

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