Ever sinceGuardians the the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! openedin 2017 at Disney California Adventure Park that hasbeen thrilling guests v its irreverent storyline and wild drops. Disneyland will guests are in for a spooky surpriseas the attraction transforms nightly intoGuardians of the Galaxy – monsters After Dark because that the Halloween season. Rocket schemes to save Groot together the chaos boosts when galactic creatures get loose in the process. Make certain you check out this exclusive transformationonly during Halloween Time in ~ the Disneyland Resort, Sept. 6-Oct. 31.

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In Guardians the the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, Rocket finds his Guardians of the Galaxy pals trapped in the Fortress the The Collector, Taneleer Tivan, and guests aid him through a daring escape plan. The monster After Dark change picks up moment afterward, as Rocket discovers the in the rush to cost-free his friends, they have inadvertently left Groot behind. Now Rocket demands to distract every the monsters he has unleashed inside the Fortress, and he enlists the guests to help while the rescues his little friend.

Joe Rohde, an imaginative executive for Walt Disney Imagineering, called it “creepy, chaotic and very funny.” Rohde functioned on breakthrough of the initial attraction.


The transformation from Mission: BREAKOUT! to monster After Dark happens every evening. The Collector’s Fortress goes dark, alarms sound and also special light on the exterior of the Fortress cautions guests the something inside has actually gone awry. As guests get in the Lobby that the Fortress, they may be startled through flashing alarms and also creepy sounds – warning signs that creatures have escaped their vitrine cages and all type of chaos is erupting. The Collector’s ever-resourceful assistant Apheta make the efforts to keep calm by reassuring guests that all is in order, and this is simply a temporary setback.

In maintaining with the dark humor of the experience, all-new 1970s-style punk absent song, “Monsters after ~ Dark,” boosts the thrill that the experience. The song was written particularly for this attraction by Tyler Bates, composer for the “Guardians the the Galaxy” films.

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Guardians the the Galaxy – monsters After Dark is only accessible during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort. Guests may inspect park time guides, the official Disneyland mobile app orhttps://disneyland.comfor the timing of this nightly transformation.

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