Join united state in-person on Sunday mornings at 8:30 to be or 11:00am. Masks are forced regardless of vaccination status.

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We are complying with the brand-new Hanover ar Mask Mandate by requiring the masks it is in worn by all 2 years old and above while inside Grace UMC.
The elegant UMC governmental Council strongly motivates members to acquire vaccinated providing they have no health problems that would prevent them indigenous doing so. Please consult your physician to be certain you are a viable candidate.
Worship with each other at St. Stephen AME (corner 5th Ave and Red overcome Street). Communion will be served and also Pastor Tal will preach.


In-person prayer Services, Sunday 8:30 am & 11:00 am. Masks are required for both solutions regardless of inoculation status.. A nursery is available for infants through age 2.
Children’s Church has resumed throughout both praise services. Youngsters ages 3-8 space invited to join us for games, crafts, and Bible time.
Children will sit through their families during the beginning of the service, climate afterthe children’s moment, they will certainly be referred to as to leaving for children’s Church. They have to wear a mask.

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Bible Class –The first 15 minutes of course will be on the history of Grace.The remaining 30 minute will begin a research of the publication of James. So, read the an initial chapter of James and also bring your Bibles and also a pen come class. Remember: us start ideal at 9:45 am. Conference Room: W202
Travelers Class – The Travelers will start a study on a publication by Adam Hamilton title “Words the Life”. This book examines the Ten Commandments native both a historical and also a modern prospective. Come sign up with the discussion. Weeklyemails will certainly tell you the week’s assignment. Stack Zigler leader this class. Meeting Room: The Parlor
Friendship Class – to restart our class we thought it would be fitting to look at our faith. What far better way than to follow the teachings of Paul. This will be a study of Hebrews 11, but will take us countless places in the Bible and will sheathe whoknows how countless Sundays. This is an open up class, conversation is significantly appreciated at any type of time.Meeting Room: E201
All of these classes problem an open up invitation come anyone (especially former members that the Wesleyan Class) to join them ~ above Sunday mornings. Visit the different classes and find the one that feels prefer “home” come you.