RETURN come INDOOR prayer - JUNE 27, 2021

On Sunday, June 27, us will begin an exciting new phase in our life together as us prepare because that weekly “in-person” worship. Your staff and also council leadership have been tough at job-related making preparations and also taking treatment of plenty of details therefore we have the right to take this next significant step together.

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This will be a season filled through experiments as we navigate new terrain. Looking ahead, ours Sunday dates and times have actually shifted, please note the transforms in the schedule.

NOTE: on July 4th, there will be the 8:30am classic Worship and also 9:30am virtual Worship, NO epos WORSHIP.


Worship services at Gloria Dei are bustling through friendly encounters of all ages. Each worship opportunity has its own distinct delivery and all space centered roughly compassion, grace, and joy. The really nature that worship offers an possibility for us to accomplish in neighborhood together and also to make space to connect in our faith in a liven world. Over there is room for everyone in worship at Gloria Dei!

NOTE: on July 4th, there will certainly be the 8:30am classic Worship and 9:30am digital Worship, NO epos WORSHIP.

Traditional Worship

A worship experience utilizing our well-off ELW (Evangelical Lutheran Worship) hymnal settings. Our timeless worship consists of diverse leadership from pastors, prayer assistants and also cantors, and also a range of musical styles and dynamic messages base in the the gospel.


Our weekly virtual worship organization is easily accessible live on Facebook and YouTube every Sunday in ~ 9:30am! Our online worship suffer blends our timeless and modern-day services to carry out a distinct opportunity to be a church there is no walls. We invite friend to join in the conversation through comments and likes! Be sure to i ordered it to our Facebook web page for posts, shares, and also upcoming events and also videos.Missed the live stream? No problem! The video will be easily accessible on both Facebook and YouTube, as well as on our website -!

Epic One Eight

EpicOneEight is motivated by the acronym epic - Experiential, Participatory, Image-Rich, and also Community, and also the verse,"You will obtain power once the divine Spirit has come top top you, and also you will certainly be mine witnesses in Jerusalem, in every Judea, Samaria and also to the ends of the earth." action 1:8.

With a high value on connection and also authenticity, this worship experience attributes participatory sermons as well as a band that varieties from acoustic and also rock, to jazz and bluegrass on any type of given Sunday.

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Sunday worship Schedule

8:30am - traditional Worship9:30am - virtual Worship10:30am - EpicOneEight WorshipLearn More.