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We’re easily approaching the finish of Fortnite’s Season 10–or Season X, if friend will–and that method there are only a few weeks of obstacles left.

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A brand-new Mission Bundle was released the end of the common weekly rotation. Unlike the constant mission bundles, the Meteoric Rise challenges reward players through a one-of-a-kind skin, The Scientist.

This fairly burly an are alien figure is only obtainable to battle Pass holders, but he’s quickly unlocked through completing seven challenges, many of i m sorry involve dealing damage, visiting clues on the map and so forth.

The seventh and final an obstacle in the Meteoric increase bundle jobs players with 3 goals: Touch a huge glowing cube, go into the Rift above Loot Lake, and search a landing pod in ~ a meteor.

For the purposes of this post, we’ll be looking at where to touch a giant glowing cube.

This one has actually a little bit of a twist, since the huge glowing cube in concern is Kevin, the violet cube that wreaked so much havoc a few seasons back. The cube is once again component of a floating island, and that island moves around the map. Here’s wherein it is best now:

Simply fly as much as the cube–the underside the the floating island will immediately lift you up, or you deserve to glide under at the start of the match–and touch it. You’ll bounce ideal off and complete one stage of this challenge, obtaining you that much closer come the Scientist skin.

Remember, the floating island is moving around the map, and also likely will certainly be right up till the end of the season, so twin check the map when you obtain into the complement to do sure. I suspect it will end up appropriate over prey Lake, and that the cube to add the rift orb will develop some sort of damaging end-of-season event, rather possibly bring about an entirely new map in Season 11 (hopefully)!

Check out where to discover the landing pod in the meteor here.

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