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Texans can Academies provides a second chance to any students who have struggled in a traditional high school setting.

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It is our mission to carry out every student the possibility to seek their dreams while removing barriers that store them from attaining your education. Indigenous day treatment services to clothes, eyeglasses, or other an easy human needs, we provide solutions because that our students.

Our discovering methods and nurturing environment empower our students to be lifelong thinkers, ensuring their path to financial independence.

We have actually a distinctive network of 14 charter schools throughout Texas that space tuition-free, open up enrollment, publicly high institutions of choice, welcoming students from all walks that life.

An education from Texans deserve to Academies transforms students, graduating thinkers that positively impact our community, an altering their mentality from making it through to thriving.




ft Worth High institution Students start Program to end up being Skilled Electricians

Twenty-seven Texans have the right to Academy – ft Worth Westcreek and also Fort worth Lancaster way students commemorated their entrance into the TRIO electrical Pre-Apprenticeship Program throughout a commitment ceremony hosted recently at the campuses. Read an ext



ft Worth High college Students arrange A Garage revenue With free And Donated items

The college student council at Texans have the right to Academy – ft Worth Lancaster Avenue arranged an event, named March Gladness, to give ago to the bordering community. Read an ext

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Our approach is...

reading is the an essential to empowerment, an individual fulfillment, success, and employment.Personal responsibility, character, values, and also passion lead to an excellent citizenship.Learning is best accomplished in a nurturing yet structured environment.


Our mission is...

To administer the highest possible quality education and learning for all students, especially those who have actually struggled in a classic high college setting, in order come ensure their financial independence.

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Our core values are...

Student focused decision making.A rigorous curriculum based on reading and thinking skills.Fulfilling every facet of our mission through a feeling of urgency.

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