Fire keeper Souls are rare consumable items in Dark Souls that can be supplied to boost Estus Flasks. Today, we"ll point out wherein to find all of them.

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Dark Souls Fire Keeper spirit featured
one of the most important facets of Dark Souls is staying alive. When this is true in virtually every game, Dark Souls punishes players for dying by dropping all of their Souls and also Humanity on death. If players can"t reach their bloodstain as soon as they die, they lose everything.

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This is why having actually ample Estus Flasks and also healing techniques is crucial to making it through the game"s tougher zones. As well as Kindling with a bonfire, players can find extremely rare Fire goalkeeper Souls to enhance their Estus Flasks, although this souls additionally keep bonfires lit. For those spring to do the video game a tiny easier, right here is a complete guide to Fire goalkeeper Souls in Dark Souls. This article contains NPC quest spoilers.

8 What room Fire keeper Souls?

Dark Souls Bonfire
Fire goalkeeper Souls room rare consumable items in Dark Souls that have the right to be provided to enhance Estus Flasks. Bringing a Fire Keeper heart to a bonfire will permit players to infuse the soul into their Estus, making every Estus Flask permanently heal because that a greater amount. Alternatively, players can use the Fire Keeper heart to gain 5 Humanity and completely restore their health. While there are just seven Fire keeper Souls in Dark Souls, 3 of them space aligned through Fire Keepers, for this reason killing any of them will disable a bonfire until they room either resurrected or players begin a brand-new game cycle.

Dark Souls Undead Parish Fire keeper Soul
In order come ring the an initial Bell of Awakening, players need to carve a course through the Undead Parish. Once players obtain towards the church that houses the Bell Gargoyle fight, they might notification a hole corpse lying beside a statue. Interact with the corpse to acquire a Fire goalkeeper Soul. Players have the right to take the elevator right alongside the corpse to head directly down to Firelink Shrine and upgrade your Estus Flasks.

Dark Souls brand-new Londo damages Fire keeper Soul
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in ~ any suggest during a Dark Souls playthrough, players can take the stairs down in Firelink Shrine to with the brand-new Londo ruins elevator. When in the ruins, football player can discover a Fire Keeper spirit if they monitor the key path that leads deeper into the ruins.

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While cross the wooden passage that leads to the ruins themselves, look to the ideal for a corpse within a tiny building. Once the wood platform ends and players room standing in water, head directly right and swing about the corner. Run down the small passage to achieve a Fire Keeper heart on a corpse. Be all set to usage a Homeward Bone as 3 ghosts will certainly spawn as soon as players get near the body.

Dark Souls Blighttown
One Fire goalkeeper Soul can be discovered in Blighttown. Indigenous the valley of Drakes, head in the direction of the enntrance gate of Blighttown and also slowly descend. About halfway down, football player should have the ability to run right into a drain system. Operation inside and look because that a body guarded by two dogs. Fall down, kill the dogs, climate loot the corpse behind bars to attain a Fire goalkeeper Soul.

The Duke"s Archives has a Fire Keeper heart that requires comprehensive amount the backtracking to obtain. Before players can achieve the soul, castle must very first progress through the Duke"s Archives and also obtain the archive Tower gigantic Cell an essential near the height of the building.

when players have the key, head earlier to the jail cell tower and descend come the lower set of jail cells. Hit the octopus-headed enemies that guard among the cells. Kill them then open up the cell. At the finish of the cell is a Fire goalkeeper Soul. This is by much the most basic Fire Keeper spirit to miss out on in the game, therefore make certain to obtain this one before beginning NG+.

Players are going to must kill the Daughter that Chaos to achieve the following Fire keeper Soul. After beating Chaos Witch Quelaag, head down the stairs previous the second Bell that Awakening. As soon as players go into a room v a circular platform, run straight across strike the wall surface to disclose a hidden room. Kill the egg NPC, Eingyi, and also walk up to the Daughter that Chaos.

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Killing her will grant a Fire goalkeeper Soul. Keep in mind that killing her will lock players the end of the Chaos maid Covenant and also disable the bonfire in this room permanently.

simply as players with Anor Londo and find the first bonfire, they will meet a Fire Keeper that guards the bonfire and the Darkmoon Covenant. Darkmoon Knightess will end up being hostile if football player either assault her or Gwynevere. In one of two people event, take the Darkmoon Knightess the end to obtain second Fire keeper Soul. Death her will disable the very first bonfire in Anor Londo for the rest of that playthrough cycle.

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Obtaining the critical Fire Keeper spirit in Dark Souls is rather a task. Players will should either ring both Bells that Awakening or achieve the Fire keeper Souls in Undead Parish and also Blighttown. Once one that those conditions is met, knight Lautrec, nevertheless of gift freed in Undead Parish, will certainly murder Anastacia the Astora—the Fire keeper of Firelink Shrine.

communicating with Anastacia"s corpse will provide a black Eye Orb. Head to Anor Londo and also reach the room just prior to Ornstein and also Smough"s ceo arena. The black color Eye Orb should start to vibrate. Use it to attack Knight Lautrec and also his little posse. Killing Lautrec will end the invasion and also grant football player Anastacia"s Fire keeper Soul. Due to the fact that players deserve to only fortify Estus Flasks at Firelink Shrine, players can"t use her Fire Keeper heart to boost their flasks uneven they go into NG+. That is encourage to return Anastacia"s soul to she body come relight Firelink Shrine.

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