Important items in This Area
Big Jim
Tales the a Junktown Jerky Vendor
Wasteland survival Guide
U.S. Concealed Operations Manual

Finding Loot roughly Walden Pond¶

Fast-travel come a ar closer come your location (Abernathy Farm and also Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup walk fine) climate head south to discover a tiny lake. Follow me the north-western leaf of this lake friend can uncover a dry, muddy present bed, lied in i m sorry is a dead Raider that possesses the keep in mind “Raider’s Note”, which will certainly tell you around some Caps come the south-east in a place referred to as Walden Pond. Well… a little detour never ever hurt anybody, right? Head eastern along the northern end of the lake until you find a bridge running south-west. Overcome the bridge and kill whatever Raiders acquire in her way, then continue uphill to the west to find Sunshine Tidings Co-op. Just gain close enough to gain the map marker, then revolve west.

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Between the lake and the pond girlfriend can find an abandoned shop, within of which you’ll discover a couple of Makeshift Bomb traps, a Suitcase and also a door to the Gift Shop . ~ above the wall near this door you’ll uncover a “Note to Tweez”, which will straight you come a drain pipe. You’ll discover this pipe downhill, close to the sheet of the water, come the east, yet if you can pick the lock come the door, friend might as well give that a shot because that the XP. Many will most likely use the sewage system pipe, however, for this reason that’s the assumption the guide will make. Along the way, be sure to visit David Thoreau’s cabin to the east and also listen to the automated tour, or, alternatively, you’re a savage who doesn’t care to learn around a weirdo living the end in the wilderness to prove… something around not eat meat and also being self reliant, or something.


Find a drainage pipe near Walden Pond (left) which leads to a Raider Den. Inside you’ll discover a tale of a Junktown Jerky vendor magazine (right).

Reach and also enter the drainage pipe and continue through it till you uncover a small chamber inhabited by 2 Raiders; Bear and Tweez. Death them, then grab an problem of Tales the a Junktown Jerky Vendor native atop a barrel come the south-east. Continue east into some much more tunnels then right into a tiny concrete chamber, whereby you’ll discover Whiplash and Walter, the latter of i beg your pardon is the leader of these Raiders. Kill them and also loot Walter to acquire the Gift Shop Key, which opens the door come the surface and also a safe in the room where Walter lurked. When this safe has actually been plundered, her goal that looting Walden Pond is completed. Be certain to loot the Ammo crate in this room, then grab the distinct Wrench, Big Jim , off a steel table come the south-east.


Kill Walter, the leader the the Walden Pond Raider (left) then grab the distinct Tire Iron, “Big Jim” (right).

The Behemoth of Walden Pond¶

There’s one more an obstacle you can take before you do your method to Sunshine Tidings Co-op. Find the Walden Pond area to the east and from there, head south to find an elevated highway, south of i beg your pardon you’ll discover the lair the a supervisor Mutant Behemoth. In a straight fight without power Armor, you’re more than likely going to have actually trouble, but there are methods to take this beast down. First, you can plant part mines as close to the camp together possible, shoot the beast to provoke it, then shoot the explosives as soon as the Behemoth nears the mines. A Bottlecap Mine and also a few Frag Mines must be sufficient to take it down. Otherwise, utilizing sneak strike criticals to start out the fight and also a few an essential hits through a Sniper Rifle will execute the trick, too. After ~ it’s dead, booty its peculiar take on Stonehenge, as there room a couple of containers with goodies lie around.

Backtrack come the Walden Pond map marker and from over there head east. Along the way you can uncover a shack occupied by a trader and around a half dozen cats. Yeah, crazy cat-people still apparently flourish in the wasteland. They’ll market you junk, yet otherwise aren’t also interesting. Continue east adhering to the elevated highway to the south and eventually you’ll discover a more terrestrial roadway running north/south, near which the elevated highway splits, and a turn off operation to meet the ground. Under this turn off friend can find a arbitrarily encounter, and atop the rotate off some Gunners - a band of Mercenaries replacing the black Talons from fallout 3 - have actually made a camp. Simply put, this have the right to be a busy spot on the map, and considering that three factions might be fighting it out here, you’ll more than likely hear the fighting before you watch it. Kill any type of hostiles on the highway, then follow the curving off-ramp till it reunites through the main highway far over the ground. Increase on this highway the Gunners have the main component of their base, remarkable by the big windmill set up on the road. Kill any type of defense it might still have then loot part Footlockers in the back of a sheared-off subway car. If friend follow an additional turn off to the south, you’ll find one more Gunner checkpoint you deserve to sack.


Near Walden Pond you’ll discover a super Mutant Behemoth lurking approximately (left). Clean Sunset Tidings Co-op to claim the location as a negotiation (right).

Sunshine Tidings Co-op¶

Leave the highway and also return west to reach Sunshine Tidings Co-op and enter a shack along the north-eastern end of the complex, wherein you’ll find some Feral Ghouls. Placed them down, climate explore one more building come the south, inside you’ll uncover the Sunset Tidings Terminal . Hack the terminal to find out that some robot flexibility radicals hacked the Mr. Handy here to be… well, useless. Select the entry “< > Mr. Comfortable Control>” and you’ll gain the alternative to “”, which will allow you to set the Mr. Handy, Professor Goodfeels, come act together a guard or a maintain bot. In the latter case, the robot will go back to Hester’s consumer Electronics, i m sorry is east of Diamond City. Everything you carry out with the robot, head north-west to uncover a environment-friendly house , within of which girlfriend can discover some chems then head uphill come the west and also clear out the cabin there. Doesn’t look like anybody in Sunshine Tidings survived, yet it’s still a perfectly serviceable settlement. Prey an commercial Trunk in the house, climate grab a copy the the Wasteland survival Guide off the floor nearby.


At Sunset Tidings Co-op you’ll uncover an problem of the Wasteland Survival guide (left). V ample room and many of ready-made structures, Sunset Tidings Co-op is a fine negotiation to conveniently develop. It simply needs girlfriend to build some creature comforts and lure in settlers with a Recruitment Radio Beacon (right).

Return come the building with the terminal and activate the workshop to make this ar yours. Your goal now? build a Recruitment Radio Beacon (Power > Miscellaneous) which needs Circuitry x2, crystal x2, Copper x6, stole x10, Ceramic x3 and Rubber x1 . You might or may not have done this on your own in the other settlements girlfriend should have actually by currently (Abernathy Farm, Red Rocket truck Stop, Tenpines Bluff, outpost Zimonja, Starlight Drive-In and Graygarden), however simply put, you require to get this negotiation up come snuff. There room plenty of houses approximately to put beds in, and also you have actually some come start. Simply plant some crops, build some Water Pumps, then construct turrets until your settlement’s defense score equals the amount of the food and also water scores. As soon as done, construct a generator and also a Recruitment Radio Beacon and also watch the inhabitants pour in. As soon as that’s done, you deserve to return come Preston and claim your reward, if he gave you the quest to explore this place.

Lonely Chapel/Federal Ration Stockpile¶

That settlement’s been claimed, but because you’re under here, and also Diamond City awaits further to the south… well, why not push on ahead? Exactly, no great reason. Head south-west native Sunshine Tidings Co-op to discover the Lonely Chapel, i beg your pardon isn’t just lonely; it’s additionally pretty boring. Head inside and also loot what friend can, then find the northern finish of the chapel to uncover a trap door bring about the federal Ration Stockpile.

Use the catch door and go under a tunnel come the north-east, climate east, pass in between some pillars and also turn south, then south-east. Eventually you’ll reach a chamber inhabited by the rather powerful Raider named Red Tourette, several Machinegun Turrets MK III and a backup Raider. Death Red, then loot she for the federal Ration stockpile Password, climate ascend some stairs and enter a room to the south-west, where you can discover a U.S. Covert Operations Manual top top a table, a Nuka Cherry, a Nuka Cola Quantum, and the note “Red! It’s Lily!”, “To My large Sister Red” and “Don’t Worry, Sis”. Appears the Raiders end at Beantown Brewery were extorting the Raiders here. Live through the sword, die by the sword… Hack Red Tourette’s Terminal to learn more about the conflict. Once done, you can loot another, smaller, less amazing cubby nearby.


In the federal Ration to make reservation you can obtain another U.S. Surprise Operations Manual, come permanently boost your stealth (left). It is in wary, however, the Raiders that occupy the framework - and also their traps - have the right to be lethal (right).

After looting this room head under some stairs to the north, with a doorway, then with a blue door to with another big chamber. Execute the two Raiders here, then proceed north to discover the storage Lockup Terminal , which can be opened with the password you acquired off Red earlier. Use the terminal to open up the doors to the north, but prior to you head right into the room you just opened, instead search the southern wall to discover a wall surface Safe , climate go v a yellow door to the west.

In the tunnel past the yellow door you’ll need to face another pair the Raiders ~ above high ground. Kill them, then continue west and head up part stairs to the north before transforming west and going down some an ext stairs. Be wary of a Grenade bouquet on these stairs, however; there’s a Bathroom range at the bottom the the stairs that triggers this trap, and also it’s a triple-grenade bouquet, an interpretation your odds of enduring it are very low outside of strength Armor. In the tiny room in ~ the bottom the the stair you’ll find another Raider and also a Machinegun Turret MK I, that are less dangerous by much than the Grenade bouquet was. Booty a Tool instance top top a steel shelf come the south, then continue north right into a watery room and kill every little thing Raiders room here. When done, revolve west and loot an Ammo box and open a door , past which you’ll discover a small room worth looting, as you deserve to pry a combination Core the end of a machine.

Return come the watery chamber to the east and continue eastern into another similar chamber, complying with the metal walkway until you with the typical brick tunnel you must be provided to. Head up part stairs to with a room i beg your pardon is phibìc of the room unlocked through the storage Lockup Terminal. Huh. Kill the Raiders here, climate grab a Fat male off a steel shelf come the east, then turn south and loot the make reservation room. In here you can find, well, lot of of food, consisting of two Nuka Cola Quantums. There’s additionally a Trunk with some arbitrarily goodies inside. Do those item yours, then proceed north, looting your way through that room till you uncover some blue double-doors guarded by some… cans. Defeat these aluminum sentries and also make your method up part stairs until you with the door outside.

The grounds that the federal Ration Stockpile room crawling with potent Raiders, consisting of one in strength Armor. Yikes. You can get the autumn on the ones in the building, after i m sorry the structure will offer as a fine protective strong-point because that you come fight from, through the remarkable exception concerning grenades; those deserve to be bad. You can use the Stockpile reception Terminal in the structure to sic the turrets on the Raiders, or at least deactivate them. The distraction may simply help. After fighting your way through the Raiders, their attack Dog, and perhaps their turrets, you deserve to hack a terminal in a shack come the east which… go the same thing together the one in the building. Oh well. It’s still precious XP come tinker with.

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You’re currently done v the locations (loosely) approximately Sunshine Tidings Co-op, but prior to you move on v the next leg of your journey, head south-east from the commonwealth Ration to make reservation to uncover a road, i beg your pardon you need to follow south-east to reach an there was no sign gas station. In below you can find a Nuka Cola Vending maker with a Nuka Cola Quantum inside, and behind the respond to you’ll discover a floor safe .