Molerat disease = bulldookey

» satellite Jan 16, 2016 2:53 am

Sooo i was wearing power armor and also got little by a molerat and contracted the disease.


I reloaded and was much more careful... However Dogmeat gained bit by a molerat and also > ns

Yeah. Crap.

I reloaded, sent out Dogmeat home and also snuck roughly (in power armor) v stealth boys and a suppressed 10mm. "Oh! A protectron! I"ll let the robot deal with the mole rats!" The protectron gets bit by a molerat and > ns

Supersized crap v dingleberries top top top!

And the only means I deserve to cure the disease is come let a small kid die.

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Yeah... Now I"m pissed. Somebody requirements slapped.

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» Fri january 15, 2016 8:27 pm

there is a secret Serum in another quest i beg your pardon is said to have actually a curative effect on it.There is more than one, prey the raiders close to that quest"s end, so you can turn over the one you find early in that quest.
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Mysterious Serum doesn"t carry out crap for the Mole Rat Disease.

Then again, the Mole Rat an illness doesn"t perform crap either. I doubt you"d even notice 10HP is absent if it didn"t phone call you.

I contracted the mole rat condition in that mission, ns didn"t an alert it until I saw a similar thread to this one (48 hours of video game play later). That is nice inconsequential.

Wow, ns didn"t even know there was a Molerat diseas!!! fairly as cool small detail they added to the video game in mine opinion.

However, i think girlfriend should be able to get rid that it. Do the cures an ext common but, not too common and make the so you have to do a couple of things maybe, prefer tha vampirism cure on Oblivion (not certain if it was in Skyrim as I was a vampire).

So can you not get rid of this at all? and can you miss the chance to discover the cure?

I"m optimistic I must currently have the disease, together I"ve to be bitten by loads of Molerats

Oh, no, it"s native a pursuit where girlfriend fight diseased Mole Rats in Vault 81. And also there"s just one sheep of thecure.

native a wikia:The cure have the right to be supplied on both the player character and Austin if, throughout the conversation through the doctor, the player tells him to use the cure on Austin then easily backs away and uses the cure on themself prior to it is gotten rid of from the player"s inventory. Keep in mind that you have to use the cure ~ Dr. Forsythe begins responding, otherwise girlfriend will trigger the dialog for having actually used the yourself. Making use of jet before talking come him helps you with this considerably.I regulated to perform this successfully, although it took a couple of tries to acquire the timing right. I conserved right prior to going right into the clinic so that I had easy reload spot.

It"s -10 hp. If i hadn"t read about it online, i wouldn"t have also realized the I had it. I didn"t notice it until most likely like 30 hrs of game play later. Not a large deal. You"re supposed to contract the an illness there. Otherwise you"re not faced with a moral decision to make at the end. That"s the point of the quest.

I"ve heard of human being making it with there without contracting it, but I"m honestly not sure just how much I think that. I"ve gone v without obtaining bitten and also still obtained it. I didn"t lug a companion and also one-shotted the Protectron with my explosive shotgun prior to a molerat even had a opportunity to bite it. I still contract it. I think it"s just a scripted component of the quest.

just for the challenge of the thing, ns tried running the mole rat gauntlet without catching the disease. I did sustain 4 HP of damage, however it has been a week and also so far I am free of any kind of mole rattish effects. Ns took a average laser rifle in and also made smoky rat chunks out of "em, however if I shot it again ns think I"d prefer to check out the effects of

I"m not sure if this functions after the recent patch. I couldn"t carry out it without him noticing and yelling at me (still acquired a "Cure loved That" though which was nice) might just be me though.

But it"s not like it yes, really makes any kind of difference if friend let the son die anyway, particularly if girlfriend never arrangement on returning.

I had actually it for periods without even knowing, -10 Max HP isn"t really that important and also if ns hadn"t read about it I more than likely would have never also realised I caught it during the mission.

I obtained though the search without gaining bitten (or letting a rat acquire near me for the matter) and I didn"t get the condition so you have to have acquired hit or maybe killing the protection led to it (I left the robot alone)

I"m also on the ps4 so possibly it could be a pest and the disease is mean to be scripted like you suggested.

I caved today as soon as I go the quest. I placed the setups on really easy, grabbed a pistol, supplied orange mentats for perception rise and supplied VATS to death all the rats in one or two shots. A few well-placed grenades also did the trick. Ns avoided catching the condition that way...

The weird part was the the video game assumes girlfriend will record it for this reason the dialogue at finish was the same. I can have even kept the cure for myself, even though ns didn"t gain the disease. Thinking back I should have done that. Doesn"t get an ext evil than this!

I don"t know. Ns tried choose three times in a row without a companion, and I"m totally particular that i didn"t obtain bitten. Ns still contract it every time. It might have simply been a an insect or something.

well i saved before every molerat encounter and also then reloaded if I acquired the disease... Took around an hour extra however managed to finished without obtaining bitten

The dialogue assumes you have it, however you just ACTUALLY have it if it mirrors up in your effects tab.

I can confirm that Lorenzo"s serum go nothing because that the molerat disease. The irked me so much that ns cured it through the console after ns took the serum and also it walk nothing.

This is what ns did. Bloody irritating that not only is it highly infectious, but if a follower, even a synth follower gets hit, the player gets infected. It"s additionally dumb that the video game doesn"t outright phone call you the you contracted it. You need to assume you did and look in the negative effects tab.

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You can even record the an illness using Godmode in the Console. I simply Save in between Molerat meet in the Vault anymore.

Hadn"t even realized mine character caught it until long after the pursuit was concluded and Austin to be saved. Once I did, ns shrugged and also went, "Eh, no biggie."

Same here.

Still, could have done a far better job at informing the player that contracting the an illness was a opportunity or even tell you the you"ve contracted it upon getting hit.

That"s my biggest concern with it. Ns don"t yes, really care around the -10 hp. That"s not a huge deal. Ns didn"t also do that pursuit until i was at approximately level 50, so the was usually negligible. My difficulty is that ns didn"t even KNOW the I had it. That search is designed to pressure a moral decision onto you, which ns love. I wish there was an ext of that in the game...but the method the quest is structured, i didn"t even realize that i was do a ethical decision of the magnitude. Yes, I observed the options to store it or break-up it or whatever, yet I figured the the "keep it" alternative was much more due to greediness and wanting to offer it or something prefer that, no to use it to cure myself. In my 2nd play through I clearly knew about it ahead of time and tried to prevent contracting it. For part inexplicable reason I couldn"t protect against myself from obtaining it, so ns don"t know. Ns still provided it come Austin though. I ended up console commanding myself a 2nd copy of it though simply out the frustration end being can not to stop it lol