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Arrgh! is an episode from Season 1.

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At the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob shouts "Eight doubloons! I"m rich!" upon hearing this, Mr. Krabs jumps end to SpongeBob, saying "I experienced it first!" he realises that SpongeBob and Patrick space playing a board game, and also that SpongeBob does no have any physical dubloons. Patrick speak him the surname of the video game (The flying Dutchman"s endowment Hunt), and also that it"s based on a genuine treasure hunt. Mr. Krabs wins 17 time in a row, and also SpongeBob wants to go home and also sleep. However, Mr. Krabs seems to it is in addicted come the game, and keeps top top persuading him to play more. SpongeBob goes to sleep, and the next morning the sees Mr. Krabs in a pirate ship. Mr. Krabs speak him that he"s top top a sweetheart hunt, and SpongeBob and Patrick decide to join him. But, castle goof of when trying learn just how to be pirates, and crash the boat in act so. They monitor instructions, until they gain to the two-leaved seaweed (It actually has actually three, yet Mr. Krabs pulls turn off a sheet so that only has two). Mr. Krabs also tells them the they"re not enabled to look at the map. The map speak them to go 10,000 paces east, and also Mr. Krabs asks Patrick which means is east. He looks at a compass, and points west.

After 10,000 paces, over there is nothing, and Mr. Krabs says "But we did everything the map said! 10,000 paces east!" Patrick automatically replies "Oh. East? I assumed you said weast!" Mr. Krabs claims "Weast? What kind of compass space you reading?" "This one, sir." Mr. Krabs grabs Patrick"s compass and says "That"s west, Patrick. You"re fired again!" ~ going approximately 9,552 paces east, they collection up a camp. Patrick and also SpongeBob look in ~ the map. Castle realize the it"s your board game taped come a item of old paper. Mr. Krabs catches them, and they beg for mercy outside. However, they uncover the "X", and start digging. They discover the treasure, yet Mr. Krabs desires it every for himself and they argue. The paris Dutchman is up, and also congratulates SpongeBob and Patrick for conserving him "a lot of digging". He keeps the treasure, however gives them two gold dubloons. Mr. Krabs asks for a price (because he is the captain), however only obtain a small plastic treasure chest (but it"s based upon a real treasure chest).


This is the an initial episode to have Mr.

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Krabs as the main antagonist.This is the second appearance of The flying Dutchman.In the Z to A Countdown Special, the episode"s slogan is X clues the Spot: Arrgh!The line "All because that one, and also one for all!" is a refersahib.tvce to the three Musketeers.SpongeBob and also Patrick in their pirate outfits are supplied for a game.There room pirate Outfits because that SpongeBob and also Patrick come go with this illustration in Build-a-Bear Workshop.The scsahib.tve where Fred claims "Rev increase those fryers, cause I am certain hungry for one.." prior to being thrown the end by Mr. Krabs has received internet popularity.


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