The "Dragon round Z: revival of F" movie has actually allegedly leaked virtual as the complete movie download was supposedly made easily accessible on a popular anime torrent sites.

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According to JapNation AniManga, a torrent that the "Dragon ball Z: rebirth of F" movie to be leaked online and also posted ~ above the famous anime torrent site, NYAA. However JapNation AniManga stated that the torrent has since been deleted yet the leak was allegedly real.

"Fukkatsu No F was leaked top top nyaa. A lot of of human being were able come download it however somehow, the torrent was deleted," composed JapNation AniManga.

Meanwhile, a subject on NeoGAFhas surfaced revealing part "Dragon ball Z: resurgence of F" spoilers. According to post, "Dragon round Z: rebirth of F" would be the very first time us would view Vegeta actually being more powerful than son ogong as Vegeta would get the top hand ~ above Frieza and his new gold form.

Here space the "Dragon ball Z: revival of F" spoilers, follow to those that watched it:

-Before the goes Golden, Frieza gets his ass kicked

-He walk Gold and starts winning.

-It becomes clear that gold Frieza has the very same weakness as before(he has an issue with stamina fighting in ~ max power)

-Goku tries come take advantage of this yet gets win by gold Frieza (though part of it to be being recorded off security by Sorbet)

-Vegeta actions in and gives son ogong a senzu and then fights Frieza instead.

-Vegeta is winning yet then Frieza blows up planet thus death Vegeta(Goku survives because he"s end hanging out v Whis while watching Vegeta fight and also he do a barrier)

-Whis uses his power to go ago 3 minutes in time so son ogong can finish Frieza off through a Kamehameha before he gets to punch up Earth.

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Goku wins, climate loses, then wins. Vegeta wins, climate loses, then didn"t. Freeza loses, then wins, loses _and_ wins, then loses.

— Julian Grybowski (
saiyajedi) march 30, 2015

Revival of F in 1 sentence. Planet Destroyed, Goku obtained beaten, Vegeta dies.. — J A N together O (
fjmslg) march 30, 2015

While here are part details about "Dragon sphere Z: resurgence of F":

-Jaco is voiced through Natsuki Hanae

-The red-horned man is an additional of Sorbet"s lieutenants, called Shisami. He offers Piccolo a little bit of a hard time until Gohan procedures in to complete him off

-Gohan is in mortal hazard at some suggest (he it s okay better)

-Goku and Vegeta hold hands at part point

-Blue hair is real. It"s apparently an impact of walking SSJ ~ you"ve soaked up Super Saiyan God powers.

-Beerus and also Whis eat a strawberry sundae

-Goku wins due to the fact that he eats a senzu bean

-There is a write-up credit scene of Sorbet speak that every little thing went follow to plan