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Dragon Age: Inquisition is a fantasy RPG emerged by electronic Arts and enjoyed by customers worldwide.The video game features fantastic 3D graphics and an remarkable story collection in the Dragon period universe. These have actually no significance unless you quickly fix the crashing issues.

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Dragon age Inquisition is a highly-rated RPG for Windows. That game is no immune from software application hiccups, however, as it likewise crashes for part players as soon as launched.

Numerous players have posted top top EA’s forum around how DA Inquisition crashes as soon as they start the game. This is exactly how you deserve to fix Dragon age crashing on launch.

How have the right to I solve Dragon age Inquisition crash ~ above startup issues?

1. Upgrade your graphics card driver


The very first thing you should shot is to inspect if her graphics map driver needs updating. In most cases, that’s the main point of the issue, so don’t skip this crucial step.

In stimulate to get the exactly answer and properly update the driver, nothing hesitate to give a shot to DriverFix.

That’s the ultimate tool for the task. You just need come download and also install it, then remainder assured the DriverFix will deal with this issue.

Just make sure to choose only the graphics map driver to update or do so for all out-of-date maker drivers at once.


After the procedure is complete, remember that DriverFix has actually a database of 18 million driver files, so you’ll definitely find it advantageous in the close to future as well.



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2. Rotate off her third-party antivirus utility

One that the most widely shown fixes for Dragon period crashing when launched is to disable any type of third-party antivirus software.

Numerous DA Inquisition players have said the disabling AVAST and also AVG antivirus utilities (or including the video game to your exceptions lists) solved the worry for them.

Run a system Scan to discover potential errors

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You can turn off third-party antivirus software by right-clicking their device tray icons to choose a disable shield setting of some kind.

Select to disable the antivirus utility till restart, and then try launching Dragon age again.


3. Clean boots Windows

Click the Selective startup radio switch on the General tab if it’s no selected.Deselect the Load startup items examine box.Select the Load device services and also Use initial boot configuration options if they’re not selected.Click the Disable all button.Press the Apply button.Click OK to exit the MSConfig window.Press the Restart switch on the dialog box that opens.

Other third-party software application tools, such together Razer Cortex and TeamViewer, are likewise confirmed to problem with Dragon Age. To ensure the there aren’t any conflicting programs, complete the over steps.

Need more details on exactly how to access MsConfig in windows 10? follow the measures from this committed guide.

4. Rotate off Origin’s in-game menus

Open Origin’s window, and also log in if you require to.Click the Origin menu to select application Settings.Select the Origin In-Game tab.

Players who obtained Dragon period from Origin have to also shot to disable the video game client’s in-game menus to fix DA Inquisition.

This was confirmed to work, so take it a closer look in ~ the above steps if you’re among them together well.

5. Uninstall the 3D Vision driver

Open the operation accessory’s window.Then pick NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver ~ above the software list.Click Uninstall and Yes to remove 3D Vision.Restart your desktop computer or laptop ~ uninstalling NVIDIA 3D Vision.

Some users have actually reputedly solved Dragon age crashing through uninstalling the NVIDIA 3D Vision driver. This could also be your case, therefore feel totally free to refer to the above procedure.

6. Pick Origin’s repair option

Origin likewise includes a Repair alternative that have the right to fix gamings not starting. Right-click Dragon period in Origin’s My game Library to choose the Repair option for it. Our video clip below reflects you exactly how to pick that option.

Those are few of the confirmed resolutions that players have actually fixed Dragon age startup crashing with. In addition, reinstalling Dragon age might additionally be precious a shooting if the above resolutions no enough.

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Let us know which of these solutions worked for you as well in the comment area below.