As much as prominence goes, the rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz in ~ UFC 202 ~ above Aug. 20 needs to win out. The UFC had actually literally simply sold for more than $4 billion and also its biggest star, McGregor, battled (and won) the most crucial fight that his career against his biggest rival to date.

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All things considered, the was the most significant, historical fight the 2016 -- and it ceded some the the year"s best action.

It was not, however, the best action of the year. That distinction goes to a featherweight bout in between Cub Swanson and Doo Ho Choi in ~ UFC 206 on Dec. 10.

The final 10 seconds of that fight were pure magic. Swanson (24-7) toppled over due to his own momentum ~ above a cartwheel kick aimed at Choi"s head. Swanson bounced to his feet and also threw his totality body right into a long-range left hand, complied with by a spinning elbow that knocked Choi down.

Swanson complied with him to the ground and also finished the hit on top, dropping hammerfists. As soon as it ended, Swanson froze in the knelt position and also raised his arms and head come the rafters, soaking in among the many iconic moment of his career.

Featherweights Cub Swanson, right, and also Doo Ho Choi provided fans in Toronto in ~ UFC 206 a night come remember, many thanks to their epos three-round slugfest.Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Getty ImagesIt to be an action fight that played well on broadcast, but was practically indescribable in person. And also although the didn"t have the same effects as McGregor-Diaz II (or several others), the wasn"t missing of a storyline.

Swanson, 33, is arguably among the most underappreciated battle aircraft of his era. With few exceptions, his only career accident have concerned the best fighters that his load class and also from an entertain standpoint, fight enthusiasts know couple of are better.

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This matchup versus Choi (14-2), a 25-year-old South oriental with fan appeal, was something of a prove ground for Swanson. He to be the underdog and potentially a stepping rock for the younger Choi to build his name.

No one likes to think the themselves as a potential stepping stone for who else"s career. Cage fighters in particular.

So yeah, over there were other fights that, year from now, we"ll remember much better than this one. And also there were fights we"ll probably discuss a whole lot more.

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But as much as the best, most back-and-forth, see-you-raise-you action of 2016? watch Swanson versus Choi.