Dr. Lee join LSFP in 2012. The attended the college of Michigan and the Chicago institution of osteoporosis Medicine. That is certified by the American board of household Medicine. Dr. Lee is a resident of Herndon and also in his preventive time, that enjoys travel and spending time with his family.

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Undergraduate Education:University the Michigan : 1999Medical Education:Chicago College of Osteopathic medication : 2004Residency:La Grange Memorial family Medicine Residency : 2007Board Certifications:American plank of family members Medicine : 2007

In Practice because 2012

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You deserve to reach the on-call provider after hours by calling toy fee free: (866)427-6121.

If girlfriend are having a true emergency after ~ hours, visit LMG Cornwall immediate Care. Lock have access to all LMG medical records

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It is with extensive sadness that us announce the loss of one of our devoted and cherished medical assistants at ours Lansdowne office. Lynne Marie Appleman died suddenly from causes unknown top top Sunday, September 19, 2021, at the age of 48. Lynne to be a irreversible resident that Leesburg and is made it through by her young daughter, Addyson. Lynne’s people revolved about her daughter and also providing treatment for others. Lynne will always be psychic for she larger-than-life personality and also steadfast concern for she patients and also the practice. She was faithful and devoted to our practitioners and made certain that everyone constantly had what castle needed. The echo of she voice and also contagious laughter can still be heard in the nurse station and we understand for certain she is now watching and also critiquing united state as we try to continue life without her. 

A memorial service will be organized at the early american Funeral home at 201 Edwards Ferry Rd, NE, Leesburg, VA ~ above October 7th in ~ 7pm.

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To aid support the family throughout their time of need, our practice has started a GoFundMe project to assist with funeral expenses and for the care and also support that Addyson. Every donations are significantly appreciated and will go directly to the family.