One that the side services of decluttering is all the cool stuff i forgot ns had. Now I come acrossanotherold stash of scented wax cubes. So I chose to usage them up and also give lock away together gifts. The complying with is a DIY automobile air freshener the is more than likely too straightforward to be referred to as a “tutorial” on exactly how to make a homemade automobile air freshener v scented wax cubes.

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I don’t use candles or artificially fragrant wax cubes in my house anymore due to the fact that it affects ours allergies but my sister loves them. I’ve also had a couple of readers contact me asking exactly how to do a wax warmer the end of a mason jarfor the car.


This DIY air freshener idea works really well in the warmer months.

DIY Homemade car Air Freshener

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Materials you require for DIY Wax wait Freshener

This Etsy shop has actually Fall/Winter scents!

*note I prefer to usage 4 oz jars because that this project because the jug sits lower in the vehicle’s cup holder and also is less likely come spill.

How to usage Soy Melts or Scentsy Wax waiting Fresheners in Car:

Ready for the super complex directions?

Open the jar.

Open the package containing the scented wax cubes.

Break off 2 scented wax cubes.

Place them into the jar.


Put the daisy lid on peak of the jar and screw ~ above the lid ring.

Place in an the end of the way cup holder.

You madeyour own vehicle air freshener.

Good job. See, you have the right to be a crafter too.

You desire to recognize what’s scary about this project. It works surprisingly well. The takes no time at every for the wax to melt in your vehicle with your home windows up.

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Think the this as soon as youhave your child in the car. Ns personally prefer the idea that leaving your left shoe in the ago of the auto with the baby. No issue how worn down or frazzled you are, youwill notforget come grab your shoe alongside your sleeping baby.

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We live in Florida and also it is heartbreaking the at least one kid dies in a hot car each year.