Group: Chapter 4 - Mastering the Source

Starting Map: Reaper"s Coast

You should start this quest by talking to Lohar in Effie"s Emporium.

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Lohar has asked us to search the abandoned house of Mordus, located at the edge of Driftwood.

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2. Abandoned House Dwarf Welcome

Go to Mordus" House and talk to Glenna Graeme. Tell her that Lohar send you.

*Inform her of your visit with Lohar. You need to get through the hatch.*

The result will it is in ...

At the abandoned house in Driftwood, we found a dishevelled dwarf blocking our passage to the cellars beneath. After mentioning Lohar to her, she allowed us to descend.

3. Abandoned House Dwarf Fail

At the abandoned house in Driftwood, we encountered a dishevelled dwarf by the name of Glenna Graeme. She refuses to let us pass her to enter the cellars beneath the house.

4. Abandoned House Dwarf Keeper Killed

We killed the dwarf protecting the cellar door. It seems as though she was no common dwarf. She was protecting someone - or something.

5. Abandoned House Entered Cellar

Open the hatch and go to the cellar.

We have gained access to the cellar beneath the abandoned house. We ought to search it thoroughly in case it hides any secrets.

6. Abandoned House Prisoner Dwarf Release

We found a pair of dwarven thugs trapped in a hidden chamber within the cellar. We allowed them to go free.

7. Abandoned House Prisoner Dwarf Kill

We found a pair of dwarven thugs trapped in a hidden chamber within the cellar. We decided to kill them.

8. Abandoned House Note Read

Find Row of Books, take Letter to Mordus and read it.

We found a letter addressed to Mordus in his chambers. It mentioned his attempt to assassinate Lohar at the behest of some unknown figure. It also mentioned some sort of ritual - "Mord"Akaim". Lohar will no doubt be interested in seeing this letter for himself.

9. Abandoned House Note Delivered

Go back to Lohar and give him the letter you found in Mordus" house.

We have delivered Mordus" letter to Lohar.

9.1. Cargo Hint

Lohar implied that his associates "acquired" something very dangerous from a Magister ship, and that it was being stored in their base of operations in caves outside of Driftwood.

9.2. Kill Mordus

The letter was enough to convince Lohar that Mordus is plotting against him. He has bid us to find and kill Mordus. He told us where he believes Mordus must be hiding - some coastal caves outside of Driftwood, that the dwarves had been using as a base. He marked their location for us on our map.

10. Abandoned House Note Delivered Second

It seems as though someone else managed to deliver Mordus" letter ahead of us.

11. Entered Wreckers Cave

Go To Wreckers" Cave. Enter the cave.

We entered the Wreckers" Cave. It seems as though something terrible happened here...

12. Found Terrified Dwarf

Talk to Quivering Dwarf.

We found a surviving dwarf amidst the carnage and bodies on display in the cave. She seems to have been driven mad with fear after whatever she witnessed - we can"t make much sense of what she says.

13. Got Dragged Underground

Come to the corpse then try to move back. You wil be attacked by a Voidwoken creatures, and dragged deeper into the cave. Each character goes to different place.

We were attacked by a Voidwoken creature, and dragged deeper into the cave.

14. Found Mordus

Find Mordus (lvl 11) and start the fight. During the fight he will transform into Mordus" Akaim.

We found Mordus in the depths of the cave. He transformed himself before our very eyes into a Voidwoken, leaving us no choice but to fight him.

14.1. Killed Boss

We fought and defeated Mordus" Voidwoken form. Mordus became himself once again - a cowering, undead dwarf.

15.1. Mordus Told About Death Fog

Mordus told us that the Deathfog had been kept in the caverns for a time, but has since been smuggled to Arx.

15.2. Mordus Give Proof

He will give you Mordus" Amulet.

Mordus gave us his amulet. We can claim that we killed Mordus when we return to Lohar, and use this as proof.

15.3. Accepted S P

Mordus offered to help us deepen our grasp of Source power. In order to do so, we would have to consume the heart of a Voidwoken. We agreed.

15.4. Declined S P

Mordus offered to help us deepen our grasp of Source power. In order to do so, we would have to consume the heart of a Voidwoken. We refused to do such a thing.

17. Did Not Kill Boss

We arrived at the lair of the Voidwoken creature that was once Mordus, but it had already been defeated.

17.1. Mordus Drop Proof

Mordus is dead for good now. We should take some sort of proof of death from his remains.

18. Hannag Letter

Find and read Letter with a large ink stain.

A letter found in the Wrecker Cave, seemingly destined for a certain Hannag. It mentioned that a Deathfog Delivery Device had been recovered and was being repaired.

19. Know About Death Fog In Cave

Find and read Ship"s Manifest.

We found evidence of Deathfog in the caverns. It seems that the weapon was originally part of the manifest of a Divine Order ship, the Peacemaker. It was evidently stolen and kept in storage here for a time.

20.1. Showed Mordus Amulet To Lohar

Lohar should give you Lohar"s Two-Handed Source Hammer (Two-Handed Mace), Letter from Lohar and the Key to the chest located on the second floor of Magisters" Barracks.

We showed Mordus" Amulet to Lohar as proof that Mordus is dead.

20.1.1. Quest Reward

21. Showed Mordus Amulet To Lohar Second

Someone else showed proof of Mordus" death before we had the chance.

22. Got Lilian Hostile

Lohar knows that we betrayed him to the Magisters. He is our enemy now - we can no longer complete any tasks for him.

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