Pet Pal might not be the most useful talent in Divinity: Original Sin 2, but talking to these animals makes it worthwhile.

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Divinity Original Sin 2 animals
The social talents available in Divinity: Original Sin 2 have a capacity of around seven. Because you can only select seven out of 50 for the entirety of the game, people often sidestep choosing Pet Pal for talents that are more helpful in battle. It"s safe to say that Pet Pal isn"t the most valuable talent in the game, but it has its purposes that make doing a playthrough with it worthwhile.

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Pet Pal allows you to talk to animals. Animals are constant observers of the intricacies of human (and other) interaction both in the game and in real life. In Divinity: Original Sin 2, strange beasts can give you the key to a valuable chest, insight on lore, or simply share comedic banter. All of these options provide more depth and allow the game to become more enjoyable and less serious.

In Reaper"s Coast, there is a particularly grim graveyard where a mansion sleeps. Ryker"s mansion contains a different manner of things from servants to beasts. One of these beasts is a talking salamander.

While you need Pet Pal to speak to beasts, you need one step extra for this fellow. The player must use a lizard and Pet Pal at once to successfully speak to Xiuh in Ryker"s Rest. He will then tell you how to get to and open a valuable and entrapped chest within the cemetery.

The maps of Divinity: Original Sin 2 can become pretty vast. With all the quests you pile up, you"ll find yourself going back and forth frequently. Finding this cave full of slugs is crucial for easy access to the multiple areas of Fort Joy.

The entrance must be revealed with Wits on the beaches. One way through it is to kill the slugs, but with Pet Pal, you can speak with the queen without major mayhem resulting in an ever-burning cave.

On your travels through The Nameless Isle, there are various temples devoted to each race and god of the Seven. In Tir-Cendelius" temple lies a strange-looking tiger. This is a rare creature and the last of its kind. Learning this small drop of information about such a beautiful beast while speaking to it makes the lore more intriguing.

What other animals are extinct in Rivellon? Learning anything further is cut short by the God King"s interference and you will be forced to kill the tiger, but merely meeting it is enough to tantalize players. This is a must for those who seek every quest and interaction to learn more about the world.

These quirky little friends offer players a good time. They don"t provide any loot, secrets, or shortcuts, but if there is any animal to talk to in the game, it"s these men. Yes, men. In Lord Kemm"s gardens on Arx, there is a pen of posh owls who claim their abnormally still owl-friend is simply sleeping and indeed not dead.

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You can tell them their friend is for-sure dead all you like but they just won"t listen. No matter which dialogue options you choose, each reply is hilarious and entertaining. So much so that there should probably be a DLC dedicated to these gentlemen.

The Definitive Edition of the game hands out Sir Lora for free. Or, well, perhaps not so free. Most people find followers who shout quirky things and do nothing useful to be rather annoying, but if you enjoy a comedic sidekick, then it"s worth it to hear what Sir Lora has got to say.

This squirrel follows you around from the beginning of the game whether you have Pet Pal or not, but you can only actually speak to him if the talent is unlocked. If Sir Lora is following you around, there"s no sense not listening to his quandaries as he stays around until the very end of the game. Sir Lora offers lore about his own world and is funny. Aside from that, he can"t die and gives you skill books after a while!

You can speak to two crabs: a female crab in Fort Joy and a male counterpart in The Nameless Isle. The first crab is easy to chuckle at and forget about, but the second one offers more. This dude knows the female crab from Fort Joy and references how she is a dangerous and mighty foe who you must watch out for.

Hearing the terror and fear in his voice as he warns you of a small crab you completely forgot about is a comical relief from the stresses of the isle. Not to mention the way he runs away. The true story about these two remains a mystery to many.

These chickens of Reaper"s Coast offer a quest that results in rewards. A group of hens will be frantic about their missing babies. You"re meant to find at least one of them and return it back to its family. Later on, it is possible to check on it.

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It"s worth speaking to them for the extra XP, the knowledge that a Voidwoken can fertilize a chicken"s egg, and a treasure chest full of loot. This quest can continue once you find the other baby daddy. Oh boy.

Everyone wants a pet that follows them around and is also a baby phoenix-chicken. In Reaper"s Coast, there is a vast meadow containing a sick chicken. Putting an end to its misery grants a very expensive and large egg.

It"s worth speaking to this bird to find out what the egg entails. Once the egg is owned, it can be sold or hatched on Lady Vengeance. If the latter happens, you come home to a fiery chick calling you papa. This must be the real good ending to Divinity: Original Sin 2.

If you have any sort of moral compass, speak to Buttons the undead cat and get to the bottom of saving some poor innocent souls. There is a dark secret hidden within the second of many vaults on Bloodmoon Island in Reaper"s Coast.

A little girl was exorcised and killed in the process. Consequently, her cat protects her soul and will not let anyone tamper with her. With Pet Pal, you can speak to the cat and avoid killing the girl"s best friend by convincing him to let you help her.

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Everyone loves dogs. With Pet Pal, you can help out a whimpering dog in Fort Joy crying out for his loved one. Without the talent, you may never know why he"s crying and not realize how to help him. It"s worth it to help him with his story and free his doggy girlfriend.

If nothing else, there"s a lot of XP and random loot in it for you. It"s possible to finish this quest without using Pet Pal, but it"s all the better to chat with all these pups in the game, especially for dog lovers.

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