I to be a computer player that the Dark Souls II game. Ns am already in NG+ and have invaded and also killed hundreds of other players. I have huge challenge performing backstabs. In fact, I have never actually done one. My concept is the a many PC players for dark souls 2 use a controller, and also there is something specific with the controller controls that permit easy backstabs. You walk behind someone and also you push a specific button. Typically in a fight, if I present my earlier even slightly, I gain insta-back-stabbed. However when I operation behind people and also light attack their back, nothing ever happens in ~ all, in a month the gameplay. Even mobs. Also a tutorial mob that was encountering with its back to me. I simply keep on regular basis attacking it"s earlier even when I to be in the perfect angle. So, that plays Dark Souls 2 ~ above PC, and also how execute you backstab?

made a video about the problem: http://www.twitch.tv/surgetheurgesahib.tv/b/537807314

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When you room in the right position for a backstab, you should use the light attack, and also only with your weapon in your right hand. (The appropriate hand is the attacking hand, and left hand, or "off-hand" is the defensive).

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To pull off a riposte, you have to wait momentarily (about 1 second) after deflecting the strike then usage a light attack come initiate the riposte animation. This is also comparable with the guard break animation. (Forward and light attack).

Trouble is, there shows up to it is in a slight hold-up between football player in many situations. As soon as a order is actors for instance, it would show up the assignment hit, but then the other player would roll away, unharmed. This also affects back stabs and ripostes. Girlfriend may appear to have correctly initiated the backstab or parry, yet in fact the enemy has managed to prevent it.

I believe this is generally since when girlfriend invade, the person has actually a much better connection come the server is favoured. Regardless whether you are the invadee or the invader.

This video clip may assist explain the mechanic a small clearer top top how and when to initiate the riposte (hit the assault button) after a parry.

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I go a bit much more research and also found the the issue with keyboard and also mouse is that there is one untimely hold-up when attacking through a mouse, making the extremely difficult to achieve the home window required because that the backstab/parry/etc. Try using a different keybinding for the light attack ("U" for example). This should eliminate the delay on her mouse.