Does anyone have any type of idea? i did a search on this forum and also it seems that this problem is an extremely rare.

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This error is at sight strange and doesn"t reflect what"s going on in ~ all! transforms out, this error message shows that you"ve mapped an incorrect URL in the Attachments field. If you’re quiet running into this error have the right to you take it a screenshot that the Gmail step of her Zap? the will aid us determine just how to fix the trouble :)

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This is happening to me also (just signed increase today).

Below is the Zap I have actually configured.



I’d tested sending out the email a few times today, and also as shortly as I added the “Find a record in Google Drive” i couldn’t send anymore emails. If I remove that component of the zap, things work as expected.

From the googling I’ve excellent it looks concerned API keys, so maybe the integration with Google Drive has actually recently been updated and requires an API key?




This error is super strange and also doesn"t reflect what"s walking on at all! transforms out, this error message suggests that you"ve mapped an not correct URL in the Attachments field. If you’re tho running into this error deserve to you take a screenshot the the Gmail step of your Zap? that will aid us determine how to fix the trouble :)

nicksimard many thanks for the response. Ns was attempting to use a URL indigenous a public document in Google drive (also attempted Dropxbox, no luck your either). I ended up just uploading a file to S3 and using the link, and also it worked a treat.

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