Cube: Defender the the Polyverse is an activity adventure game, in i beg your pardon the player must overview Cube with the Polyverse.The player must assist Cube collection the diamonds and also reach the goal! use your master skills to obtain through the every the level in one piece. Yet you need to be careful, together there will be plenty of obstacles on her journey: blocks, cylinders, pyramids, spheres, walls... The obstacles will never ever end. Each level you go to has much more obstacles, prepared to slow YOU DOWN! However, every level will certainly be a vast transforming environment special colors to throw you off your game! are you sufficient of a game master to overview Cube v the Polyverse, collecting as countless Diamonds together you can, and Reach the goal to gain to the following level!Crazy angle to adjust to; obtain to the castle, discover the Dreaded Cone, and also bring the Polyverse come justice!

\"Cube: Defender of the Polyverse\", is based off the initial youtube video, \"Cube\". You have the right to view the video here :

We have actually a site up and running that has the newest screenshots, videos, and also update

This has been revised countless upon plenty of times to try and produce a truly immersive and also monumental demo depicting the Polyverse together we recognize it come be. We apologize for the wait. There to be unforeseen and also unavoidable situations that slowed the job down. That, and also the truth that time moves slow in the Polyverse, than in the real world. So, it could still be a while until a completed video game comes around.

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Updates ~ above Gameplay: There has been brand-new implementations such as lighting adjustments, reconfigured camera changes, level style reworking, and also other functions to display off the Polyverse.

We now have a an ext realistic strategy to different variations of graphic settings, indigenous the startup; varying from \"Simple\" come \"Fantastic\". This ranges from giving the civilization a straightforward polygon look, up to a an ext visually appealing civilization with fog depth, lighting, and shadows(still gift tweaked).

The cameras have actually been concentrated on, together a main feature. As based in the video clip of ’Cube’, every camera shot was either stationary with Cube relocating past, or a following camera; always showing sufficient of the human being to the viewer. Us made this a central point in the game. Every the cameras were designed to occupational with the level design. Anywhere the camera points, is whereby Cube should go; unless, it is an environmental shot, reflecting off the people with Cube relocating past. V that in mind, the level architecture was reworked to offer a an ext open feel, fairly than clustered (like the very first demo). Us attempted come recreate scene from the original video, follow me with, adaptations the what else might be in the Polyverse.

Additional gameplay updates:

1) over there is currently a working Timer in the level, to present how lengthy they have been playing.

2) over there is now a functioning Diamond Counter, to display home numerous diamonds are left in every level.

3) over there is now a functioning Collision Counter, to show when the player collides v ‘obstacles’ in the level.

4) Levels effectively end, instead of endless floating.

Menu implementations:

1) there is now a working key menu for the demo.

2) A tutorial level is easily accessible to select.; showing off some provided (and un-used) game mechanics

3) A full demo example of what is implemented in the video game so far.

A new level hub - Level WhiteRe-Imagined Level PurpleThe long awaited Level BlueAnd the new Level environment-friendly

4) test in progression version the a multiplayer Cube game referred to as ‘Drop Cube\"

There is plenty much more to come... The Polyverse has much come offer.

You deserve to download the new 2018 demo top top the page, in the paper (download) section.

This is the Cube Director, saying, welcome ago to the Polyverse!


brand-new Demo comes Soon!Jul 19 2017News 2 comment

Be ~ above the lookout because that a brand-new demo comes out...soooooooon.


to update on the Polyverse.Aug 27 2016News 4 comments

Updates top top the Polyverse, regarding the team, and also the game.



Cube Update(s) Feb.2014Feb 20 2014News 4 comments

It has been over a year since the team\"s ahead update. An initial off, ns would choose to say thanks to the people still adhering to our project. Second, Cube is not...

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Cube Defender of the Polyverse DemoAug 1 2018Demo

Check the end the brand-new 2018 demo of \"Cube: Defender the the Polyverse\"!In development for end a decade, this demo take it you come a new level of gameplay!

Here is the 2nd demo developed for Cube: Defender the the Polyverse. This demo displayed some more of the video game mechanics, and also building onto...

Demo the CubeDec 2 2012Demo

Collect the diamonds, reach the goal! stop the obstacles! enjoy this brief demo of, Cube: Defender the the Polyverse. Controls - the \"w\" \"a\" \"s\" \"d\" buttons...

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