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CLUB MAJESTIC124 north Boston Avenue, Tulsa, ok 74103DIRECTIONS

Since 2003

Here’s The Deal:Club Majestic is one LGBT-friendly nightclub v live performances, DJs, pool tables, drag shows, and an the end patio. The is Tulsa"s premier club that welcomes human being from every walk of life. Majestic"s team prides chin on providing upscale entertainment because that all. The club just permits those who room 21 or older with valid id proof. Here, a for sure parking depot is accessible on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The club"s parking garage is situated on the edge of 1st Street & main Avenue. Society Majestic is a perfect place to relax with your friends and also loved ones.

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SPECIALTY:Live Music, DJ, an excellent for Groups, Dance, party Service, exclusive Parties, i know well Hop, Special events & Live Events

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Thu-Sun: 9pm - 1:45amMon-Wed: Closed

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UNICORN CLUB222 East first Street, Tulsa, yes 74103DIRECTIONS

Since 2017

Here’s The Deal:The Unicorn Club is among the best and also hottest nightclubs in Tulsa, OK. It has actually been the best nightclub because 2017. The society is the world"s first-ever unicorn-themed nightclub. The is a 21+ nightclub with DJs playing electronic dance music in a colorful atmosphere. The Unicorn club hosts special event parties and themed nights. Its team serves terrific confectionery craft cocktails with sugar rims and also candy decorations. At The Unicorn Club, the vibe is constantly fun, add to the team and also DJ work tough to cater to every sorts that ages and also crowds. The Unicorn club is a an excellent place to enjoy your nightlife suffer with her colleagues.

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SPECIALTY:Dance, DJ, Live Entertainment, outdoor Patio, Live Bands, Private and Theme Parties, party Service, great for teams & distinct Drinks

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Fri & Sat: 9pm - 2amSun-Thu: Closed

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RODEO NIGHTCLUB9379 eastern 46th Street, Tulsa, yes 74145DIRECTIONS

Since 2014

Here’s The Deal:Rodeo is a college-friendly country bar, club, and concert venue for dancing, ladies nights, and also DJs. If girlfriend are in search of a funny weekend, climate Rodeo Nightclub is the best place come be. There is plenty of drink choices for adult over the period of 21. Their VIP rooms accommodate as much as 8 guest allowing an are for decorations & small finger foods famed for celebrations. The club has a fully-stocked bar and smoking patio to reap the nightlife experience. At Rodeo NightClub, you have the right to experience her own room where you can party with family or colleagues.

SPECIALTY:Bottle Service, VIP Booth, unique Events, Live Performance, DJ, run Floor & personal Parties

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Thu-Sun: 7pm - 2amMon-Wed: Closed

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