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home culture 'Clash that Clans' September 2016 update to lug Clan challenge feature, new mode?

Promotional picture for the mobile video game "Clash that Clans"Facebook/ClashofClans

Supercell is intended to release a large "Clash the Clans" update prior to the end of September.

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The video game developer announced through the video game developer's official forum site that they space working on the Clan challenge that will certainly add more excitement come the renowned mobile MMO strategy video clip game.

According to the article from Supercell employee Anoushka, the Clan obstacles will allow players to release a "friendly" battle request to various other Clans that would favor to take on the challenge.

The said an obstacle will let players choose their battle participants and determine the length of preparation or fight days before they can send the end their requests because that the Clan Challenge. Climate the preparation day that the challenge will start automatically as quickly as the the contrary Clan accepted.

However, players cannot worry a Clan an obstacle as lengthy as they room still involved in a Clan War. Also, the new feature could not be taken into consideration as a Clan war replacement. Yet, the brand-new feature will reportedly provide far better support because that meet-ups and also events the the football player organized, and also support for the other initiatives of the virtual or offline community.

Yibada also mentioned that the soon-to-be-released "Clash the Clans" update is supposed to come out with a brand-new mode. In ~ the moment, the game only attributes the solitary Player mode, the Friendly an obstacle mode, and the Money Player mode. However, there room no details yet regarding the possible contents that the rumored mode.

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While Anoushka did not reveal when the Clan difficulty and the September update will lastly come out in the public, all Clash pointed out that the highly-anticipated update will go live at some point in mid- or late-September. But since the month is almost drawing to a close, it deserve to be supposed to see the brand-new update to be exit by Supercell next week.

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