your vehicle is booted a Warrant in Debt has been authorize a DMV hold has actually been put a Distress Warrant has been issued a lien has been approve to her employer

CONTACT THE TREASURER"S OFFICE before you attempt any kind of of the following.

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do a payment setup do a payment top top a delinquent bill salary a bill in full.

In these situations, please call 757-382-6281 or visit among the our four Treasurer"s offices. If you have added questions you may likewise call 757-382-6281 or email paytax


NOTE: prior to making one e-check payment, readEnhanced e-Check Enrollment

Online inspect payment is a cost-free service provided by the City Treasurer. Penalties, attention fee, so late fees and collection-related fees are not reflected in the e-Check mechanism Pay an individual Property taxes, genuine Estate taxes, Invoices, Parking Tickets, Delinquent Solid garbage fees & Stormwater fees
PAY BY credit CARD Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American refer Pay personal Property taxes, real Estate taxes, Stormwater fees, Parking Tickets, Invoices, Delinquent Solid garbage fees, Delinquent Library Fines, cost Participation, & Emergency clinical Services (EMS) receipt


Bill Numbers

The bill number you use for a real Estate taxes e-Check payment is various than the bill number friend would usage for a credit card payment. Please refer to your bill for indict on how to uncover the proper bill number come use through each payment method.

For indict on how to find your bill number, visit ourhelp page. There you will discover links to sample receipt under "Listing the Bills."

Collection Payments

Once payment is make via main Payments, contact the Treasurer"s Office at 757-382-6281 with the payment confirmation number in order to have the arsenal action(s) released.

Convenience Fees

The dues for actual Estate and an individual Property taxes is 2.4%. Check out ourcredit card guidelines for a schedule the non-tax convenience fees. A 2.2% convenience dues is charged on all map transactions do at any kind of Treasurer"s office locations.


Enter your parking ticket number and also zip code to look at up and also pay ticket online.


Once girlfriend enroll, girlfriend will have actually immediate access to every one of your taxation bills.

Use of restricted Transaction per Month account (i.e. Money sector Accounts)Ensure the you are not using a minimal transaction account (i.e. Money sector with a six-transaction per month limit). Consult v your jae won institution prior to using a limited transaction every month account. Each bill payment will certainly be taken into consideration a separate ACH transaction; therefore, that is your obligation to ensure the transaction boundaries are not exceeded. Extr fees may be assessed by the City if payment are declined by her financial institution because of exceeding these limits.

Credit Union AccountsPlease verify with your financial school that you room using the correct account number for electronic inspect payments. Sometimes the account number top top your examine is various than the one necessary for electronic check processing. Added fees might be assessed by the City if payments space returned due to account number errors.

Future PaymentsSchedule a payment setup by very first saving a payment an approach (ACH routing transit number and account number).

Check your Payment day Scheduling her payment with the wrong day (specifically the year) does not alleviate penalty, interest, no one late fees. The is your obligation to ensure that the payment is booked for the correct date.

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