Chloe Bennet illustrated the fan-favorite heroine Skye AKA Daisy AKA Quake top top "Agents the S.H.I.E.L.D." and emerged as a actual star. Although "S.H.I.E.L.D." officially covering in august of 2020 and has to be left in the rearview mirror together Marvel relocated on come Disney+ properties, that doesn"t seem together though Bennet will certainly be the end of occupational anytime soon. Transparent the years, she has actually popped up in a variety of films and also TV shows, and also she"s even signed on to play a live-action version of flower Utonium in The CW"s highly-anticipated "Powerpuff Girls" remake.

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While the up-and-coming actress has amassed fairly the complying with over the previous decade, there"s still fairly a little that most fans most likely don"t know around her. There"s her forgotten music career in China, her huge family, her friendship with a particular comedy rapper, and even the reason behind she name. Below is the untold reality of the "Agents the S.H.I.E.L.D." breakout star, Chloe Bennet.

It"s been claimed that a brothers is a friend that God provides you. If that"s the case, climate Chloe Bennet is certainly much more blessed than most people. While part sisters may have one or two brothers looking out for them, she has a whopping seven bros watching she back! she siblings space both biological and also adopted, but the actress is truly thankful for castle all. "I"m a lucky girl to have been increased by together a unique/wild little Wolfpack," she as soon as wrote on Instagram.

When speak to The Philadelphia Inquirer in 2013, Bennet opened up up around her combined heritage family, joking that farming up v such a varied group of brothers was favor "the United countries meets animal House." One deserve to only imagine the lot of testosterone in the Bennet family members when Chloe was young. Back she "only" thrived up with 6 brothers, in 2019 Bennet welcomed Luca, she seventh and youngest brand-new brother, come her huge sibling squad.

It"s a sad truth that Hollywood doesn"t precisely have the ideal track record with equal representation. When the movie company is progressively moving in a an ext positive and also diverse direction, practices choose whitewashing and also casting gyeongju stereotypes space still major issues plaguing the industry today. Chloe Bennet, who has a Caucasian mother and also a Chinese father, to know of these battles firsthand.

When speaking to NPR in 2017, Chloe mutual some of she worst experiences being a non-White actress in Hollywood. "I had a spreading director call me, you"re not fairly white sufficient for the role, yet you"re not quite oriental enough because that that finest friend role." These kind of discriminatory examples are what at some point caused she to change her last surname from Wang to Bennet (which is her father"s an initial name).

While transforming her name opened up her up to a great bit of personal guilt (as well as part external criticism), it was undeniably an reliable move. "Oh, the first audition ns went on ~ I adjusted my name, I obtained booked ... Therefore that"s a nice clear little snippet of just how Hollywood works." hope the entertain industry proceeds to become an ext inclusive so the future actresses don"t need to relive Bennet"s unfortunate hardships.

A most the finest Marvel actors and actresses are additionally incredibly talented singers. You can be surprised to learn that "Captain Marvel" actress Brie Larson went on tour through pop star Jesse McCartney in the early on 2000s, or the Jeremy Renner has dabbled in music because that years. Also Iron guy himself, Robert Downey Jr., exit a solo album in 2004. "S.H.I.E.L.D." starlet Chloe Bennet additionally has a past in the music biz.

Bennet had actually a short-but-promising music career in China under her actual name, Chloe Wang. She opened up up around what being a pop star in China was choose on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." "They are very specific when you"re in the studio. It"s no like, "Just song what you feel."" She went on to describe that she was urged to basically impersonate popular singers, including Britney Spears and Macy Gray. "Uh Oh," among her breakout singles, absolutely has ideas of Britney in particular.

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2012 to be the year Chloe Bennet"s exhilaration career really took turn off — she landed the part of Hailey the assistant top top ABC"s "Nashville," and later booked the highly-coveted function of Skye ~ above "Agents the S.H.I.E.L.D." speak to the Chicago Tribune in 2013, Bennet reminisced on she pre-fame job in Hollywood. "For basically 2 years, i took acting classes and found my very own stride in LA. Critical year was really when things took turn off ... It has been the fastest and also craziest year ever."

Although it currently seems impossible to view Bennet together anyone various other than the Quake we all know and also love, that wasn"t always such a sure thing. In fact, the young up-and-comer had originally auditioned because that an entirely various S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent altogether — the brainy Jemma Simmons (who was eventually played by brother actress Elizabeth Henstridge). Bennet recalled come EW that her audition tape because that Simmons was "the worst point I"ve ever seen," but fortunately, the producers never saw it, offering her the opportunity at analysis for Skye. She said the she had to audition "seven times over the expectations of 2 months," but she at some point got the part. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Chloe Bennet has been fastened to number of male suitors transparent the years. However, perhaps her most noteworthy partnership was with infamous YouTube vlogger, Logan Paul – who, let"s just say, has a little of a checkered reputation.

Rumors began swirling around the pair earlier in 2017, however Bennet ultimately confirmed the partnership in a protective tweet in solution to one inquisitive fan a year later on in 2018. "It doesn"t make feeling to a the majority of people, yet it doesn"t have actually too. He"s readjusted my life because that the better and I"ve excellent the exact same for him." 

The couple would ultimately split up a couple of months later, however they are reportedly still on an excellent terms. They also costarred in the 2020 indie flick, "Valley Girl," together. Once speaking to ET, Paul had actually nothing yet flattering points to say about his former flame. "I have actually so lot love because that her and also I"m for this reason blessed the I acquired to execute that movie and also spend time with her and also reap the services of being in her presence." It"s constantly nice once a breakup can occur amicably.

Although she"s likely most well-known for she on-camera occupational with "Agents that S.H.I.E.L.D.," Chloe Bennet"s voice could ring bells for audiences of a particular age. She"s lent she vocal talents out to a variety of animated kids" tasks over the years, including Disney Junior"s "Jake and also the never ever Land Pirates" and "Tinker Bell and the Legend the the NeverBeast." She also reprised a cartoon version of Daisy Johnson in Disney"s famous "Marvel Rising" animated franchise.

Perhaps it was this substantial voice job-related experience that made her perfect candidate as soon as DreamWorks animation was casting the command for their 2019 hit man movie, "Abominable." Bennet landed the component of Yi, a young Chinese girl who, after learning an adorable Yeti on she roof, embarks top top a journey across China to help return him to his family on mountain Everest. The heartwarming tale brought in $179-million at the global box office, making that the highest-grossing film in Bennet"s filmography come date. However, it more than likely meant an ext to her than just money.

In one interview v The Beat, Bennet praised the film because that breaking the stereotypical mold of most animated movies. "This is the very first Asian-American animation leads due to the fact that "Mulan," and the fourth female lead of any type of DreamWorks movie. It"s a large moment because that a mrs of color, and I just think it"s a really great film." through an astounding 95% audience score top top Rotten Tomatoes, it"s for sure to say the most world agree v the "Abominable" top lady.

Let"s challenge it: even some of the finest TV mirrors of all time went the end on a short note. "The Sopranos" finished by literally cutting to a black screen, the finale of "Dexter" was a genuine letdown because that fans, and don"t also get us began on the last season of "Game that Thrones." Sticking the landing is difficult to do, and also if a display can somehow regulate to execute so (kudos, "Breaking Bad"), the deserves all of the credit.

Although that had built up quite a passionate pan base throughout its 7 seasons, Marvel"s "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is another collection that regrettably lands in the group of "Poor final Episode." even one that the show"s brightest stars, Chloe Bennet, was exceptionally letdown by the show"s ending. In one interview with, Bennet acquired blunt about her disdain about the show"s final scene. "I hated my last scene ... I"m going come be completely honest. I begged because that our last scene to be the one where we"re in reality sitting in the chairs together." chances are, the fans more than likely agree through her.

The COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 struggle the people hard, and also everyone was influenced –- even celebrities. A-list actors favor Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, and also Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson every tested positive for coronavirus at one suggest over the previous two years, and also while they were fortunate enough to pull with safely, over there were many others that sadly didn"t.

As it transforms out, Chloe Bennet is also a COVID survivor. In a series of Instagram stories posted on brand-new Year"s night (via The Hollywood Reporter), the actress shown that she had indeed tested positive for the virus, in spite of the fact that she "always wore a mask, social distanced and also took all the necessary precautions." She went on come warn world to take it the threat seriously. "I"m young healthy and also diligent around my health and also this virus knocked me the f**k down and also continues to execute so ... If that can take place to me, it can take place to you."

There room a variety of famous celebrity friendships in Tinseltown today. Anyone knows the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are gal-pals, that previous "Charlie"s Angels" costars Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore space besties, and that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will be Boston bros till the bitter end. However, you might not understand that Chloe Bennet also has a wildly popular BFF: David Andrew Burd, far better known as the lab sensation, Lil Dicky.

The two have actually apparently to be close buddies for years, and also they it seems ~ to have actually a very playful relationship. Top top the night that Lil Dicky"s raunchy comedic series "Dave" premiered ~ above FX, Bennet post a snapshot of the two of castle on her Instagram with some quippy, yet heartfelt promotion for the talented rapper. "He is the funniest, most neurotic, magical, observant, kind, most bizzare little bug in the whole broad world, and also I"m for this reason ... Excited for everyone to gain to recognize him the method I have throughout the years." finger crossed the Bennet can have a cameo if the show does in fact get a 3rd season.

2020 will certainly forever it is in remembered together the year that the COVID-19 pandemic, and while the sense of overwhelming despair and hopelessness hung thick throughout the global landscape, human being found a way to endure. For some, one of the few silver linings in the week come in the kind of brand-new binge-worthy TV series, putting brand-new value ~ above streaming services choose Netflix, Disney+, and also Amazon Prime.

While over there were numerous "quarantine hits" during the time of social distancing, couple of captivated audience as much as Netflix" Emmy-nominated drama, "The Queen"s Gambit." The series, i beg your pardon starred "New Mutants" actress Anya Taylor-Joy as an orphaned chess prodigy in the Cold war era, apparently shattered Netflix"s record for limited series views, getting to (per TechCrunch) "62 million family members for the an initial 28 job of release." Needless to say, the present had a most fans.

Apparently, among the show"s earliest die-hard pan was in reality none other than Chloe Bennet. Once speaking come Tyler Coates the The Hollywood Reporter, Bennet asserted that she simply couldn"t avoid watching the chess drama, binging all 7 episodes the day it was released top top Netflix. "I thought it was one of the ideal things I"ve ever watched. And no one was talking about it yet!" She walk on to worship the show, admitting that it inspired her in spite of her no having any kind of experience through chess. "I have, like, 7 chessboards now!"

If the jae won success that movies like 2017"s "Beauty and also the Beast," and 2019"s "Aladdin" are any indication, studios are going to proceed churning out live-action adaptations of previously animated properties. Sure, there space some cartoons that probably wouldn"t translate nearly as fine to a much more realistic format, yet it"s difficult to argue against the trend when most of the box office numbers room so favorable.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it looks like we will even start to check out TV cartoons pertained to life in the close to future, beginning with the 90"s fan-favorite Cartoon Network hit, "The Powerpuff Girls." Shortening the name to merely "Powerpuff," The CW supposedly started shoot in April of 2021, and also although us don"t have a to plan release date as that yet, us do recognize the happy ladies who will be portraying the top cartoon heroines: Dove Cameron will certainly be Bubbles, Yana Perrault will portray Buttercup, and Chloe Bennet will play Blossom.

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Sporting a fetching brand-new hair color, Bennet required to Instagram to explain her excitement for the role, proudly boasting that she"s "a female, Asian, red headed, superhero (again)." It appears as despite The CW really nailed their spreading choices because that the Utonium girls.