Chick-fil-A method many things to different people. For some, it"s the perfect location to go to if lock are searching for comfort food and for others, it"s a restaurant that has lots of storage attached to it. The loyalists are additionally familiar with the Chick-fil-A Dwarf House, an school as old together the brand itself. The first official Dwarf house was opened ago in 1946. Follow to the Chick-fil-A website, the brand"s founder, Truett Cathy truly got to work-related on the Dwarf House concept years later. As the brand"s website explains, "Since the late 1980s, the Dwarf residence has noted customers with a historical perspective top top Chick-fil-A."

Basically, the Dwarf house is motivated by Cathy"s an initial eatery and has several options for meals. You can expect to uncover the normal Chick-fil-A favorites coupled with choices like Fried Okra, eco-friendly Beans, and also more. You can likewise look front to rare items, prefer hamburgers, if you room at a Dwarf House. There space several areas throughout the country, through the way.

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But host on. Things are set to change. If you have been a Dwarf home fan every along, here"s what you need to know.

The wood storm Dwarf house is set to be replaced. Follow to a report through What currently Atlanta, a different concept will be experiment at this location, essentially transforming it into a museum. A statement indigenous Chick-fil-A read, "The wood storm Dwarf residence will it is in closing for a complete remodel in march <2021> and also will be rebranded together Truett"s Chick-fil-A Woodstock, reopening later this year." The statement included that guests can expect to be treated to a fully new look combination with much more room because that guests in ~ the eatery. Furthermore, the firm has plans to remodel numerous other Dwarf dwellings as the experiments v the brand-new concept.

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As for employees at the wooden storm Dwarf House, lock will have the opportunity to take it up alternative work options with the agency while the location is gift refurbished. Reddit users space not also pleased with the latest update, however. One commenter composed that, if they space not opposed to the brand-new concept, they absolutely cannot assist but harbor a soft spot because that Dwarf Houses. They wrote, "Yeah it looks nice yet the dwarf residence is so classic and cool, man."

Another Redditor voiced your disapproval and also wrote the they would at the very least like the initial Hapeville outlet to be left untouched. Sigh. While readjust is not always easy, we hope this new direction will make the Dwarf house experience even much better in the lengthy run.