The Council offers undergraduate juniors and also seniors, and also graduate college student the chance to learn about our organization and also participate in a selection of duties connected with ongoing projects v our internship program.

Each internship is designated together either in-person or virtual. If girlfriend are chosen for one in-person internship, you must be able to get come our office in downtown Chicago. We call for anyone entering ours office to be fully vaccinated. Friend are taken into consideration "fully vaccinated" two weeks after perfect the second dose the a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine (e.g., Pfizer or Moderna) or two weeks after ~ receiving a solitary dose of a one-dose vaccine (e.g., Johnson & Johnson/Janssen).

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All internship opportunities are unpaid.

Internships through Team

communications enhance outreach focused on enhancing the Council’s visibility

Internship methods on the interactions team:

development aid in fundraising v membership and also sponsorship

Internship methods on the advance team:

global Cities conduct background study on projects related to global cities

Internship opportunities on the worldwide Cities team:

worldwide Food and farming assistance food defense research and also education

Internship avenues with the center on global Food and Agriculture

Lester Crown center inspection the American public on your feelings on international policy and politics

Internship methods on the Lester Crown facility team

next Generation manage programs for Young Professionals and Emerging leader

Internship avenues on the next Generation team

Emerging leaders (in-person)

Office the the president administer project-based study support to the Council chairman

Internship avenues with the Office the the President

programs Develop, research, and also execute board of directors public program

Internship methods on the programs team


use now for the Council's internship regime

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Internship applications Timeline

The Council uses three internship terms:

TermStartEndApplications AcceptedSelection Dates
FallSeptemberDecemberMay 15 - June 20June 20 - July 15
SpringJanuaryMaySept. 15 - Oct. 15Oct. 15 - Nov. 15
SummerJuneAugustJan. 15 - Mar. 1Mar. 1 - Apr. 1

generally Asked questions

How frequently are internship opportunities posted?

The Chicago council on an international Affairs recruits interns at fixed times the the year. See the chart over for the timeline of every internship term.

Positions will certainly be posted year-round ~ above the website nevertheless of whether we space in an open application session.

How soon will applicants it is in contacted ~ submitting one application?

All applications room reviewed ~ above the timeline post above. Candidates who space selected because that an interview will certainly be notified during the times noted above. Candidates will be contacted just if your applications space selected for further review.

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Can I call someone to confirm receipt of mine materials?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications that we receive, we room unable to take phone call or in-person visits in regards come internships. All interns will receive an e-mail confirmation that their materials have actually been submitted. No phone call calls, please.

How lengthy do internship opportunities last?

Typical terms last 3-4 months but candidates can be evaluated because that a much longer term if their schedule allows. No internship will exceed one year in duration.

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I"ve had another opportunity come up—can I find out if I’ve to be selected sooner?

No. Every students will certainly be contacted either throughout the interview and selection timeline if a team is interested in their candidacy or in ~ 30 job of the last day for interviewing and selection if a candidate has not to be selected.

Am ns eligible because that an internship as a current grad?

Unfortunately, we space not able come accept recent graduates in ~ this time.

I’m not technically a junior yet. Am ns eligible for an internship?

Our internship regime is geared towards college undergraduates in ~ the small standing level and also above. We find that our regime is most valuable to students that have had a couple of years of college coursework regarded the Council’s work. Furthermore, this additional education and other college-acquired an abilities supplement the hands-on experience acquired through an internship. We would be happy to think about you for a future term. The Council likewise offers a student membership which gives access to our countless programs and also events throughout the year. Us encourage friend to take a look at our upcoming programs and also register if you would prefer to learn more about the Council and also the occupational that we do.

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I can"t job-related the full 4 months—will you think about a much shorter term?

Due to the moment invested in intern training and also the inherent advantage in one intern having substantive experience, the terms last 3-4 complete months. Depending upon a team’s interest, however, they may be open up to experimenting your candidacy depending on their separation, personal, instance needs. Please feel complimentary to apply, expertise that it’ll be approximately the groups to recognize if your availability will work for your team. We perform sometimes have needs the arise ~ above our groups or through our fellows that may open up brand-new intern opportunities.

Should ns submit different applications if I"m interested in functioning on lot of teams?

No. Please rank the three areas that interest you top top the digital application form.

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I to be an international student. Can I use for the internship program?

You space welcome to apply, however, every selected international applicants will require to attain valid job-related authorization top top his/her very own behalf. Please feel cost-free to visit the USCIS website for detailed work authorization information.

Can i intern or work-shadow a employee member because that a few weeks?

No. We space unable to offer short-term internships or work-shadow opportunities.

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Does a board of directors internship guarantee me a permanent position afterwards?

Interning at the the supervisory board does not guarantee employment with the organization. All of the Council’s open up career opportunities are posted online.