Harry layouts wears small Mermaid t-shirt after turning Prince Eric duty down. Picture: Getty Images/ Disney The tiny Mermaid

Harry formats was spotted put on a 'but Daddy ns love him' t-shirt, a quote indigenous The tiny Mermaid- a movie he turned down to appear in and fans are losing their cool.

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Harry formats was spotted out having the time the his life in ~ the weekend, but fans obtained distracted through his logo t-shirt, a direct quote indigenous The little Mermaid which states 'But Daddy ns love him' and also reckon he's teasing castle after it emerged he rotate the function of Prince Eric in the live activity remake down.

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Harry styles wearing a shirt through a quote native The tiny Mermaid after turning down the function of Prince Eric? I in reality don’t love to view it pic.twitter.com/Go3yZJBFqB

— Key-Lee (

After seeing the quote trending ~ above Twitter, human being went to have a look, assuming it was news about the film that's in the works only to find it to be the 26-year-old 'Adore You' singer in the shirt.

Confused fans took to Twitter wondering if the singer was trolling everyone, or, if he's genuinely a massive fan that the film.

One pan wrote: "Harry layouts wearing a t-shirt the reads "BUT DADDY ns LOVE HIM" after transforming down the role as Prince Eric in the live activity remake of The small Mermaid is making my head spin" and another claimed "Harry layouts wearing a shirt through a quote indigenous The small Mermaid after turning down the function of Prince Eric? I in reality don’t love to watch it."

Harry layouts wearing a t-shirt that reads "BUT DADDY i LOVE HIM" after turning down the duty as Prince Eric in the live action remake that The small Mermaid is making mine head rotate pic.twitter.com/9SORrpQzcw

— Erica Russell (

Harry revealed to roman inn on resources Breakfast that although the met v the manager of the film, plunder Marshall, there to be scheduling conflicts which expected he couldn't take it the part.

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He said: "I think the obviously walking to it is in an impressive film...but lock shoot because that so long and I wanna tour next year, maybe. Ns haven’t announced the yet, yet yeah, it simply didn’t fairly line up."

Even more ironically, once Haz's music video clip to the seriously emotional ballad 'Falling' to reduce on Friday- showing the singer singing underwater playing the guitar, the comparisons come him being a actual life mermaid flooded (excuse the pun) online.

HARRY formats CAN song UNDER WATER when WILL your FAVES ever HE IS almost ARIEL FROM tiny MERMAID