Exotics space a coveted item type in the Destiny franchise, granting an effective benefits that space usually build-enabling. Only one Exotic weapon and also armor piece deserve to be fitted at a time, but that doesn"t typical you have to only own one. With numerous Exotics come chase, you"ll desire a good roll for each Exotic in the game.

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Fortunately, there has never to be a better time in Destiny 2 to farm Exotic gear. Lost Sectors, Nightfalls, and casual options have do earning Exotics much easier than in past years. If you"re feather to farm the best armor rolfes for her Exotic armor collection, look at no further. Below are the best tasks for agriculture Exotics you should shot in Destiny 2: past Light.

Updated April 1st, 2021 by Charles Burgar: Season that the preferred has offered PvP players a method to achieve Exotics by play their favorite game modes. V Shaxx now providing Masterwork materials and also Exotics for Valor rank increases, Guardians in need of Exotics now have an additional means of obtaining them. We"ve added a new section explaining exactly how to obtain Exotics just by playing Crucible games.

Destiny 2 Perdition lost Sector
for those that own Destiny 2: past Light, perfect Legend or Master-difficulty lost Sectors has a high chance of giving an Exotic armor piece. Unlike Nightfalls, this Exotics fall in a particular slot—head, arms, chest, or legs. If you need a perfect role for her Transversive procedures or ST0MP-EE5, you deserve to run a Legend or Master shed Sector the grants leg armor.

There are two caveats through this:

These shed Sectors need to be perfect solo. You"ll have to wait because that a shed Sector to have a details category of Exotic in its reward pool.

perfect a lost Sector in a fireteam voids the Exotic armor reward. As for the second point, Legend and also Master lost Sectors turn their Exotic drops daily. Fortunately, this stimulate is predetermined. If a Legend lost Sector is dropping helmets, for example, it will certainly drop leg armor ~ above the next day. Drops turn in this order:

Helmet foot Armor eight Chest Armor

If you have the right to handle both of those caveats, you deserve to easily complete these shed Sectors in 3 to 4 minutes ~ above Legend difficulty, 7 to eight minutes on Master. Every 2 to 4 runs will offer an Exotic on this runs, making the a fantastic Exotic farm when Nightfalls don"t have a twin loot week.

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have to you attempt any of these Master lost Sectors solo, we have a guide on properly beating every of them. Girlfriend can discover them in our complete guide here. Scroll under to the "Master lost Sectors" section, then click on whichever lost Sector you great to farm.

Destiny 2 Champion
Nightfalls are also a an excellent way to farm Exotic armor and Masterwork materials, especially if there is a twin loot main active. If you do not very own the past Light expansion, this will be your best means of agriculture Exotic gear. When Grandmaster Nightfalls insurance an Exotic at the end if you achieve a Platinum rank, they room so daunting that most players would be better off farming master Nightfalls instead.

master Nightfalls are set to the season"s power Level tough cap and have a wide range of modifiers. Fortunately, the only significant ones are enhance Game and also the Champion types you"ll it is in facing. Discover a team, coordinate her loadouts, and also prepare come grind the end these missions. As lengthy as you are at the recommended strength Level, understand Nightfalls shouldn"t pose lot of a threat.

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Every so often, Bungie will announce top top the login display that a twin Nightfall mainly is occurring. This means that Nightfall completions provide two rewards rather of simply one, meaning you can acquire twice as countless Exotics or extr Masterwork materials. Whenever a twin loot main is ongoing, farming Nightfalls is fantastic way to farm Exotic gear. Otherwise, Nightfalls are solid yet not as efficient as Legend or Master shed Sectors.

Destiny 2 Weekly Challenges
Weekly Challenges—turning in eight bounties, completing main point activities, et cetera—have a small chance of granting an Exotic once completed. If this isn"t continuous nor a repeatable farm, this provides casual football player a decent chance to acquire an Exotic lock don"t own.

Xur and The Season Pass

Both Xur and the Season pass can give Exotics. Neither of these sources are farmable, yet they space so accessible that every player need to be conscious of them.


Destiny 2 Xur EDZ
Xur is a distinctive NPC the visits among three curated places from Friday to the weekly reset top top Tuesday. He always brings an Exotic weapon, one Exotic armor item for every class, a Fated Engram the grants a non-duplicate Exotic item, and an Exotic Cipher quest. Completing this quest allows you purchase a second non-duplicate Fated Engram or an older Exotic indigenous the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. Visit Xur every weekend to fill the end your Exotic collection.

For much more information on Xur, including spawn locations and how Fated Engrams work, consult this guide.

Season pass Rewards

Destiny 2 Season pass Exotic Engrams
details ranks in the Season Pass give Exotic Engrams. Complimentary players obtain one engram, while existing season owner can get up to five. Season happen owners get Exotic Engrams in ~ the complying with ranks:

Rank 65 (Free): x1 Exotic Engram Rank 65 (Paid): x1 Exotic Engram Rank 74 (Paid): x1 Exotic Engram Rank 88 (Paid): x1 Exotic Engram Rank 98 (Paid): x1 Exotic Engram

Be sure to claim these whenever you can. If girlfriend didn"t claim Exotic Engrams from critical season, you can do therefore from the Bungie.net website. You can discover a connect to it here.

~ Season the the liked overhauled the Crucible"s price structure, it"s a surprisingly casual Exotic farm yard for those that reap Destiny 2 PvP.

The an initial time you reset your Valor, girlfriend will receive one Ascendant Shard. Afterward, every Valor resets because that the remainder of the season will give one Exotic Engram. Earning 2,000 Valor might sound extreme, yet this isn"t lot of an ask for avid PvP players. Daily bounties and also Win Streaks will let you max out your Valor ranking in a couple of days, especially if a triple Valor week is active. It isn"t almost as reliable as agriculture Master shed Sectors or Nightfalls, yet PvP players that can win many of their games will it is in surprised how numerous Exotics they deserve to earn this way.

What around Glory Ranks?

Glory ranking don"t carry out any additional rewards from mr Shaxx, unlike Valor. However, you obtain a Glory price every time you increase your subdivision or division rank. This rewards have actually a chance of dropping one Exotic. It isn"t uncommon to acquire an Exotic this means on your climb come Legend Glory rank. Due to the fact that you can"t reset your Glory rank, and also the possibility is random, play Glory matches simply for Exotic drops is discouraged.


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