Did you acquire stuck with the difficult task of plan an outing because that a team with a mix that ages, choose a bachelorette party with one attendee under 21 or a team of beer-craving adults with kids in tow? indigenous honky tonk bars to comedy clubs come music venues, this all ages and also 18+ guide will help you navigate Nashville’s party scene to score maximum fun for all.

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NOTE: throughout special events, particularly CMA Fest, period restrictions may be spreading earlier. Please contact ahead to confirm based on your details date. Hrs are topic to change.

All periods All The Time
Photo Credit: SandBar


SandBar is a fun location for kids, dogs, and adults. The all-outdoor patio bar has actually two sand volleyball courts, a list of an innovative cocktails (and funny virgin alternatives for children), and plenty of room for kids to roam around. Koko’s ice cream Cream is likewise next door. Be sure to carry sand toys! more information.

The band Box

From April to August, first Horizon Park master Nashville’s minor league baseball team, The Sounds, and fans of all ages. The stadium’s right-field band Box offers a variety of upscale food merchants plus gamings like corn hole, ping-pong, shuffleboard and also more. Much more information. 

Bluebird Café

At this world-famous music venue, you have to be 21 come sit in ~ the bar; otherwise, all periods are welcome. Keep in mind: The location is small, for this reason the sound might be according to for babies and young children. An ext information.

City Winery

Under-21 patrons in ~ this all-ages music venue room welcome yet asked no to sit at the bar. More information.

Fat Bottom Brewery

With a restaurant and also bier garden, the brand-new location that this local brewery was designed for groups of all ages. Dogs room welcome, too. More information.

Hard absent Café

Nashville’s rate of this well known chain serves up live music in addition to a complete menu. Much more information.

Listening Room Café

The new SoBro location has actually separated the music and food/bar right into two rooms; there might be 21+ limitations in the future, but for now it’s come one, come y’all. An ext information.


This is another Broadway option with live music and straightforward fare. Bespeak a namesake marg minus the tequila if you under 21. More information.

Party Fowl

Leave the drink to the 21+ crowd and also the sexty level of chicken—called Poultrygeist—to the most daring eaters. More information.

Pinewood Social

At this casual hotspot, you have the right to do the all: eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner), drink (coffee, booze) and play (bowling, bocce). The outdoor pool area is 21+. More information.

Puckett’s top top Church

Live local music and also classic southerly comfort food go hand in hand in ~ Puckett’s downtown location. More information.

Rock Bottom Brewery

While out on Broadway, accomplish pretty much any kind of craving here—wings, steak, burgers, tacos, pizza and more. More information.

The row Kitchen & Pub

Come here for a Southern-inspired breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or late-night snack. An ext information.

Suzy Wong’s residence of Yum

Take your group to Suzy Wong’s because that Drag’n Brunch, where you’ll get Asian-fusion cuisine along with live entertainment native the “Play Mates” the the neighboring Play run Bar. Much more information.

All eras Most that the Time


Famous Nashville

Get out of the hubbub on reduced Broadway and venture to renowned Nashville on second Avenue. This place is spacious through incredible views of the Titans stadium and also the Cumberland River. Famous is 21+ starting at 6:00pm. An ext information.

Acme Feed and Seed

This popular Broadway joint is part honky-tonk, component restaurant, component rooftop. Acme is 21+ on Fridays and also Saturdays starting at 8:00pm. More information.

AJ’s good Time Bar

Alan Jackson’s bar located in the oldest building on Broadway is 21+ after ~ 6:00pm. Much more information.

BB King’s

All ages are welcome come party below until 9:00pm, when it switches over to 21+ on Friday and also Saturday. Much more information.

Broadway Brewhouse (Downtown)

This Brewhouse location—there space a handful scattered across the Nashville area—is good for big groups and also is 21+ beginning at 9:00pm. An ext information.


The End’s sister residential property welcomes music fans who have actually hit their 18th birthday, however some concerts room 21+. An ext information.

FGL House

Florida Georgia Line’s spacious brand-new live-music venue and restaurant is 21+ beginning at 10:00pm (9:00pm during significant events). Tiny Red Corvette, the basement lounge, is 21+ all the time. An ext information.

Hi-Fi Clyde’s

This fun midtown spot is 21+ top top Fridays and Saturdays beginning at 9:00pm. Head below for some significant ping pong or shuffleboard. Much more information.

Honky Tonk Central

At this lively, towering honky-tonk on Broadway, the 21+ rule kicks in approximately 8:00pm. Much more information.

Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar

Jason Aldean’s spot on lower Broadway is all eras until the clock hits 10:00pm. After ~ that, it’s 21+. Much more information.


21+ right here goes into impact at 6:00pm (before 6:00pm everyone under 21 should be accompanied by one adult). An ext information.

Luke’s 32 Bridge

Luke’s 32 Bridge, Luke Bryan’s bar and restaurant, is all periods until 10:00pm. On an especially crowded nights, 21+ starts at 9:00pm. An ext information.

Marathon Music Works

Most Marathon shows are every ages, yet double-check the certain show you want to attend because occasionally they room 18+. The Lux Loft suffer is 21+ all the time. An ext information.

Mercy Lounge, Cannery Ballroom & The High Watt

Most shows at the Cannery Row facility are 18+, although a couple of every month are all ages and 21+ only. More information.


This casual neighborhood bar and restaurant currently has 3 Nashville locations, one in Melrose (21+ after 5:00pm), one in Sylvan Park (all periods at all times), and one in Capitol view (all periods at all times). This way for patios, burgers and also craft beers.

Nudie’s Honky Tonk

“The Longest Bar in Nashville” is 21+ starting at 6:00pm. More information.

Ole Red

Blake Shelton’s “swanky tonk” bar on lower Broadway is all eras until 9:00pm every night the the week. ~ 9:00pm it’s 21+. An ext information.

Pins mechanical Co.

For arcade games, bowling, and bocce ball, inspect out Pins mechanically Co.! It’s 21+ starting at 8:00pm. An ext information.

Rippy’s Bar & Grill

Rippy’s, which has actually a dining room, an area with flat screens, and also a rooftop patio, is 21+ beginning at 10:00pm. An ext information.

Robert’s western World

Hit up this classic honky-tonk on Broadway because that dancing and old-school nation music. That 21+ beginning at 6:00pm. Much more information.

Skull’s Rainbow Room

Located in the historical Printers Alley, Skull’s is 21+ starting at 9:00pm. The transforms right into a burlesque meet every night, therefore it’s an ext suitable because that bachelor/bachelorette teams than youngsters. An ext information.

The Stage

Cram her all-ages group into The stage until the clock strikes 6:00pm, which is as soon as it turns 21+. More information.

The Sutler

The maximum ground restaurant/stage area room all ages at all times uneven there is a special event. The bars downstairs are always 21+. More information.

Tequila Cowboy

For a rowdier Broadway experience, examine out Tequila Cowboy—it’s 21+ beginning at 10:00pm. An ext information.

Third and Lindsley

Shows here are generally all ages, however some mirrors are 18+ so be certain to inspect when you purchase your ticket. More information.

Tin Roof Broadway

Tin Roof’s Broadway location is 21+ beginning at 9:00pm. Much more information.

Tin Roof Demonbreun

Tin Roof Demonbreun is 21+ beginning at 10:00pm. For special occasions like concerts and fight nights, the 21+ all day—that’ll be listed in advance. An ext information.

Tootsies Orchid Lounge

One that Broadway’s most famous destinations, Tootsies, gets overfilled early. If you’re under 21, you’ll have to check it out prior to 7:00pm. More information.

6th and Peabody

6th and also Peabody is a joint room featuring Ole Smoky Distillery and also Yee-Haw unavoidable Company. This family-friendly establishment is all periods at all times. To participate in tastings guests must be 21+. Much more information 

All periods with a Guardian


Bearded Iris

This Germantown brewery and also taproom is kid- and also pet-friendly. Bring your own food for a small picnic. More information.

Black Abbey

All ages are welcome, though you must be 21+ come drink. Much more information.

East Nashville Beer Works

Bring the totality family come this small local brewery because that delicious pints and also pizzas. More information.

The George Jones

After touring the Ol’ Possum museum and grabbing a bite in ~ the Smokehouse restaurant, take it your household up to the rooftop for a watch of Broadway below. Much more information.

The terminal Inn

Minors deserve to enjoy The terminal Inn’s live bluegrass performances as long as they have actually an adult chaperone. More information.

Tailgate Beer

This brewery welcomes all ages however warns that youngsters left unattended will certainly be offered “a puppy and also an espresso.” More information.

Tennessee Brew Works

Bust out the board games or reap the live band at this popular brewery. Their food menu is likewise top-notch. An ext information. 


While the golf games are a focal distance point, this spot has a restaurant and also bar, sundeck, and also a live music venue. Anyone under under 18 ~ 9:00pm, need to be supervised by someone 21+. More information.

Wildhorse Saloon

From Sunday through Thursday, Wildhorse is all ages (under 18 need to be add by one adult). Top top Fridays and Saturdays, the 21+ starting at 10:30pm. An ext information.

18 and Over all The Time


The eastern Room

Head to this eastern Nashville venue because that rock music, comedy nights, dance parties and theater performances fit for the 18+ crowd. More information.

The End

Anyone 18+ have the right to rock out at this standard dive club. More information.

Third shore Comedy Club

Many shows here—the just Nashville club specialized to all comedic art forms—contain adult content. If girlfriend have any type of concerns, reach out to the society directly. More information.

Play dance Bar

This gay bar and also dance club is the perfect answer for those who can’t gain into the 21+ Tribe next door. More information.

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This neighborhood comedy school is 18+ because that admittance and also 21+ to drink. More information.

Did us leave off a funny bar or to meet that enables the under 21 crowd? allow us understand in the comments!